Anti-Spam Policy

Regarding Anti-spam policy, we adhere to European standards.

Our clients guarantee that they will send messages only to those users and potential clients who have confirmed their consent to receive electronic communications. Spam-mailing through our system is prohibited. We also do not allow customers to include misleading or false information in headers and message topics or their content. We also guarantee that we do not acquire or sell mailing lists.


To reduce the number of spamming complaints, we offer its users a mechanism for confirming consent to receive communications. When using this mechanism, the system automatically creates a message for each subscriber, in which he confirms a desire to receive emails in future. Only those subscribers who click a special link in confirmation letter will be included in mailing lists.

Constant violations or refusal to comply with these rules result in suspension from access to an account.

Terms of Use

Our clients and partners agree not to send spam-messages using our service. Our customers guarantee that they will not use rented or purchased mailing lists, and lists produced by any other means, in addition to confirmation e-mail consent. Besides, using mailing lists with unsubscribed clients is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to examine the list of subscribers and e-mails to be sure to comply with users rights set forth in this section. All users undertake to comply with these rules, as well as current legislation.

We not only don’t accept spam but also constantly improves its technology, preventing the spread of not only spam but also messages that user (spam recipient) may regard as undesirable.

However, in order to prevent attempts of spam-mailing, using this service, we publish this anti-spam policy for our customers and visitors.

An abstract from Federal Advertising Law:

Advertising dissemination via telecommunications networks, including telephone, fax, mobile wireless communications, is permitted only with subscriber or addressee prior consent to receive advertising. At this, advertising is considered disseminated without subscriber or addressee prior consent, until advertisement distributor proves that such consent was obtained.

  • Each client, who expressed their consent to use this  service, explicitly ensures that each mailing addressee expressed explicit consent to receive commercial and/or advertising information and confirmed his agreement by clicking the unique link in the confirmation letter.
  • When using our services, support teams obligatory sends a letter of warning and carries out further mailing only to those subscribers who confirm compliance.
  • Consent that subscriber expressed by answering questionnaires, putting his signature to their data, which obviously did not state that subscriber will receive information by e-mail, as well as, if at registration procedure mailing point was marked «default» – is not a basis for advertising dissemination and will be considered an attempt to send spam.
  • Clients are considered to send spam will be suspended from the service access.
  • Clients performing mailing on their behalf and/or of identical content on their own and using other services can be regarded as a spammer. Access this service for these clients may be limited or blocked.
  • Clients are prohibited not remove, mask and/or prevent reading of reference «report spam» or «unsubscribe» put in each letter (unless otherwise provided by the contract).
  • The service while resolving conflict is always on the side of final mailing addressee, so even if the subscriber has expressed his consent for dissemination, but clicked application «spam» button, we believe it is a negative factor for our partners and clients’ reputation.
  • Eight or more spam-related incidents via this service and/or self-mailing (including mailing services) leads to automatic access blocking.

Report Spam or E-mail Fraud

The following steps are recommended to be taken if you received spam or wish to unsubscribe from the mailing list:

  1. Contact the sender and report your wish to unsubscribe from mailing;
  2. If the step 1 did not produce any results, it is recommended to file a complaint regulatory authorities;
  3. If you have received spam with any indication of this service, please let us know by e-mail, attach received spam-message, specify date and time when you received the massage.

This Anti-spam policy is mandatory for all, without exception, we service partners and clients.

My Canadian Pharmacy does not cooperate with organizations or individuals engaged in unwanted e-mail mailing.