Price Policy

In recent years, My Canadian Pharmacy has become very relevant and in demand. More and more often there appear situations when we urgently need medications, but there is no time seek for it in city pharmacies. Besides an assortment of drugstores is much poorer than in online pharmacies and prices are too high and many simply cannot afford to buy them. Considering all these facts, we would like to recommend buying drugs at our online drugstore. Our online pharmacy offers a wide range of high-quality medications for beauty and hygiene, health, products for mother and child, different diseases, as well necessary medical devices. Here you can buy medications with delivery to every corner of the world at attractively low prices.


Price Policy Concepts

Our online pharmacy staff is pleased to welcome you to our website. Our online drugstore was created for you to easily find all the necessary medications. For buying drugs, simply place an order on our website and we will provide our service – secure delivery, which is carried out very quickly. Canadian Pharmacy delivers legal drugs at reasonable prices.

We take a strong leading position among online pharmacies. You can always order necessary medicines without long searches in regular pharmacies. We appreciate each customer and his trust, so delivery is an important indicator of our services quality. Our pharmacy works 24/7. Our highly qualified assistants will always help and advise what drugs are best to choose on basis of your doctor’s recommendations. We lead favorable pricing policy, which allows our customers not to overpay for their own health.

Low prices are explained by that fact, that we cooperate directly with manufacturers and do not bear additional payments to third parties. We have no intention to make extra-profit at our clients’ expense. Low price doesn’t at all mean that drugs quality is worse, on the contrary, we provide only safe and certified drugs, which obligatory undergo quality tests.

Discount System

best priceThis store constantly carries out different discount offers and sales. This allows our customers to obtain necessary products at even lower prices. Any special offer is immediately placed on our website front page and is clearly visible to each visitor. You can also subscribe to our news mailing, and be always aware of new offers.

We make no exceptions for our clients, whether he is a first-time visitor or a regular customer, everyone can get a discount and save more money. To get your personal discount coupon send an e-mail to our support group: [email protected].

We sincerely believe that our online pharmacy will become your family doctor. Having ordered once, you will, no doubts, contact us again. Our catalog has a detailed description of drugs that allows easily to get the necessary information.