Levitra and Alcohol: Are They Compatible?

Levitra and alcohol in the amount of 200 g. do not interact – that is what researchers have shown. Numerous positive reviews also confirm this fact. However, large doses of alcohol should be avoided when combined with this drug.

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Effects of Alcohol on Male Potency

Men should understand how alcohol influence male potency.

Depending on the individual features of the organism, reaction to alcohol can be different. Some men may even feel a surge of strength and improvement in potency, but it should be clearly understood that such an effect can not last long.

The use of alcohol as an aphrodisiac leads to a decrease in sexual activity sooner or later, and – subsequently – to erectile dysfunction.

Under the influence of alcohol, oxygen flow to the blood reduces, and the quality of erection depends on the flow of blood to a greater extent.

A large amount of poisonous ethanol accumulates in the prostate gland, the ovaries, the seminal fluid, which is detrimental to sperm.

Only a small amount of alcohol will not cause great harm to the body and male potency in particular.

Dangers of the Interaction

alcohol and levitra

Romantic dates are usually accompanied by alcoholic drinks, and then the question may arise: “Is it possible to take Levitra with alcohol?”

Ethanol contained in alcoholic beverages and the active ingredient vardenafil will contend for the cleavage rate in the liver.

Therefore, the drug can slow down its effect after drinking alcohol, as if the alcohol was consumed in large quantities, the liver will process ethanol first, and only after that – the drug.

Thus, taking alcohol in large quantities, a man postpones the action of the medicine for several hours.

If alcohol is taken regularly and the body is greatly weakened, even a small dose of Levitra can cause pain on the right side, as the diseased liver can not quickly process the medicine.

Despite the fact that the drug is designed to help first of all sober men, manufacturers have not excluded the drug use by the representatives of the stronger sex. The main rule of a joint consumption of Levitra and alcohol will be the following:

  • Note that alcohol will delay action of the drug for 5-7 hours, depending on the amount of alcohol consumed;
  • Avoid Levitra overdose, as an excessive amount of the drug, does not improve potency, but may result in nausea and a severe headache.

Reviews of vardenafil effects after alcohol consumption (no more than 200 grams) are mostly positive. As a rule, achieving a weak alcohol intoxication with a clear control of actions, no side effects were observed.

Conclusioncombine or not?

From the above mentioned, we can conclude that Levitra and alcohol are quite compatible in moderate amounts.

A glass of wine or a couple of vodka shots cannot spoil the expected effect, however, it should be remembered that the ED medication does not cancel the intoxicating effects of alcohol. Excessive alcohol consumption could undermine not only sexual health.

Any organism requires attention and careful handling, so everyone should know when to stop consumption of alcohol, and then Levitra will always be ready to help get the most pleasure. Vardenafil and alcohol in small amounts are compatible, the reviews of really happy men is a direct proof.

Before taking the drug, it is necessary to consult a doctor and inform him that in the future you may combine medication with alcohol.

Men’s reaction to the active ingredient Vardenafil at a combination with alcohol may differ, some men can do it without any consequences, and some may develop allergic reactions. The doctor will help you choose the normal dosage for all situations. Be healthy!