About Us

My Canadian Pharmacy is an online store which main goals are to provide people with:

  • highly qualified drugs
  • low prices
  • outstanding service

We have been gaining our reputation over the years shipping drugs internationally. Read our history to understand that this pharmacy is a reliable online store.

This video will explain you in short everything about us:

We carry out its activity online to supply people worldwide with an opportunity to order drugs produced in different countries and by different pharmaceutical companies. Our motto is Affordability, Quality, Price. This motto is achieved absolutely because we are accessible 24/7, quality of drugs is high and the price is lowered down.

We have a desire to take part in the treatment of various diseases but the main among our specializations is considered to be erectile dysfunction treatment. It is possible to make an order of drugs without prescription lists at all. But if you have questions about how to take this or that remedy our support group is ready to answer them all – [email protected].

The Working Process

We are directed and devoted to grant access to the online pharmacy for all people worldwide. We make no exclusions that’s why you place an order following step-by-step instruction. After receiving the confirmation letter, you will understand that the parcel will be packed soon and delivered to you.


We utilize two delivery systems: Regular Airmail delivery and Express Courier delivery via USPS. The parcels are delivered in the period of eight to twenty-one days. Moreover, if you have any questions concerning the delivering procedure send us an e-mail and we will supply you with valid information.

We support our customers because their health is above all things for us. Our customers are satisfied with our work because we try to meet all your needs. These needs may be different but they are all fulfilled by our online pharmacy.

Our store is recognized as the best online pharmacy in Canada. You will find everything required for treatment at our online store. Do not be afraid of your personal data left because we utilize the secure server assisting us to protect your personal information. We do not give access to the third parties or sell this information. You are protected from all the sides in such a way we exclude all the possibilities of security leakage.

Generic Drugs

My Canadian Pharmacy is famous for its generic drugs. You may ask what it is? Generics are medicines with the proved pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence with the original. That is the medicine having the same composition of active ingredients, a dosage form, and efficiency, as well as an original preparation, but not possessing patent protection.

They can differ from an original preparation on the structure of constituents. They take place in the market after validity period termination of original preparation patent protection. The name “generic” is most distributed now.

The necessary requirement for generics sale – the proved pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence with the original. The store proves that its generic drugs are produced according to all certification standards.

Pluses of Generic Drugs

It is possible to refer to the advantages their low price which makes them available almost to all analogs of expensive drugs. Besides, they are practically not forged because of low price: it is simply unprofitable. Generics have the same effect, as original preparations as they contain the same active agents.

Generic drugs have full authority to go on sale and maybe are not worse than the original at all, being alternative cheaper but effective replacement. Our online pharmacy is considered to be the best provider of generic drugs but it doesn’t mean they are of poor quality. They are directed to be useful for people who do not have an opportunity to be treated by well-qualified drugs. And we do our best to achieve the stated goals.

Why My Canadian Pharmacy?

Our pharmacy is the most convenient way to possess drugs produced worldwide. The step – by – step instruction simplifies the ordering procedure making it possible to be conducted by people of various ages having access to the Internet.

You are not required to have prescriptions lists all the drugs are sold with no Rx. But it doesn’t mean you will be betrayed. Our pharmaceutists are ready to explain you all the details about all the preparations without any exceptions at all. Moreover, each preparation has a description you may read it by yourself and decide whether it is suitable for you or not.

We also have special offers allowing people make orders and save more and more money. Special offers are distributed for various drugs categories. Our wide assortment let us draw people’s attention from all over the world. Additionally, we have discounts for regular customers. Our customers become regular after the first order already.

The price-quality relationship is the most important for us. We take all our efforts to meet all the customers’ needs and we are successful in this business. Our online pharmacy is a reliable store giving people an opportunity to be safe and sound affordable and inexpensive.