1999: A physician – Jack Poppins – met Carl Rose – an IT technologies graduater. They got an idea of creating an online pharmacy that would offer the convenience of ordering necessary drugs from one’s home comfort, without any need for a prescription list or be visiting a local pharmacy.

2000: Paul Newman was hired as company’s sales manager, which improved its logistics and gave stimulated wholesale trade, making the pharmacy even more popular among customers.

2001: This pharmacy became a fully-licensed drug supplier operating online. The company’s first office was opened, and although it’s still very small, customers could already enjoy excellent service quality.

2002: The company’s turnover increased dramatically by the end of 2001, reaching CAD 90,000. The company since then had more employees, including those working in the support service, which had to deal with a significant number of customers and licensed suppliers.

2003: My Canadian Pharmacy was expanding steadily along with the Internet itself. The turnover reached CAD 500,000 by the end of the year. The first office rented by the company became too small, so the company built its own office with over 2,000 sq feet to accommodate 30 staff members.

2004: The dot-com bubble seriously affected other websites, while the staff managed to stay on top because of its professional staff and high standards. The turnover reaches an impressive CAD 2,000,000 and new staff members are employed to fulfill new and regular customers needs.

2005: My Canadian Pharmacy further improved its performance to become more efficient in terms of processing payments and more helpful in terms of sorting out any issues customers may have.

2006: The website became even more efficient and convenient to use. The customers could contact support service by submitting a convenient support ticket and getting answers to even most complicated questions. This improved customers experience making shopping even more enjoyable.

2007: The Pharmacy started to use SSL security protocol to ensure security for every customer placing orders. The website still as efficient as before and offer most convenient and user-friendly shopping for medications no matter where customers reside and what their expectations are.

2008: My Canadian Pharmacy was growing steadily, becoming more appealing to thousands of new customers accessing the website from different countries worldwide. The drug list was expanded by adding about 30 new products and introducing new categories. Since then the customers could treat diabetes, relieve pain and overcome depression easily, paying less than anywhere else.

2009: It’s been a decade since the moment our online pharmacy opened its doors for thousands of international customers, offering high-quality products at reasonable prices. It became a leader among online drug suppliers in Canada and United States, which is confirmed daily by thousands of customers positive feedback.

2010: The Pharmacy keeps adding new services and options for a shopping experience to be more satisfactory. The customers are always welcome to submit feedback and let us know what needs to be changed for customer experience to improve.