Some Aspects about Asthma

People suffering from asthma can live normal for most people’ life. But are asthma and alcohol compatible? It is known that regular attack can be triggered by a variety of factors: infection, overstress, fatigue and so on. Does it include alcohol? Let’s try to find out together with My Canadian Pharmacy.

What is Bronchial Asthma?

asthmaBronchial asthma is a respiratory chronic disorder provoking a bronchial walls inflammation causing their narrowing. It is also called a disease of civilization, as in the last decades the number of people suffering from this disease is increasing. Some people suffer from this disease since childhood, others acquire it in adult or old age, especially if people often get sick, and as complications, upper respiratory tract diseases arise: bronchitis, tracheobronchitis. If a person still does not go to the doctor and does not carry out necessary treatment, the probability of asthma occurrence is increasing. Thus, these diseases become chronic and asthma can develop on their background.

Both external and internal factors play an important role in this disease development. External factors include the following:

  • allergens (dust, irritating odors, pollen, etc.);
  • infection;
  • viruses;
  • chemical irritants;
  • mechanical irritants;
  • stress;
  • great physical loads.

Internal factors include the following:

  • defects of immune and endocrine systems;
  • violation of bronchial reactivity;
  • genetic predisposition (heredity) and others.

This disease is characterized by recurrent attacks that can begin absolutely suddenly. If you do not have my inhaler to relieve attack symptoms, patients life may be in danger.

How to Choose Food and Drinks?

Since bronchial asthma is a chronic condition that accompanies human throughout whole life, choosing foods and drinks such people should be very careful. They must try to avoid products that contain artificial colors, flavors and so on. Also, alcoholic drinks belong to the group of products that can harm patient.

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Alcohol itself has no direct effect on the respiratory system, but everything has its own nuances. Contained in such drinks alcohol through gastrointestinal walls quickly penetrates into blood, toxic substances are produced which, in their turn, poison the whole organism. Thus, it is an excessive load on patient’s body. Therefore, for this disease treatment to be more successful, you need to give up alcohol or (during holidays or other significant events) to be very careful consuming it and choose those drinks that contain alcohol to the least extent.

Moreover, alcoholic drinks are incompatible with most of the drugs that are administered during this disease treatment.

Rules for Asthmatics

However, not only alcoholic drinks may exacerbate the disease.

It is necessary to avoid contact with pollen. Even houseplants should be under special control in the home of an asthmatic. In a situation when a person loves plants, experts allow breeding only those that will never bloom.

Protect yourself against ARVI, ARI. Colds can contribute to the complication of the clinical picture, so during the season of colds, and especially epidemics, a patient suffering from this disease, should avoid places with large crowds.

Try to avoid contact with pets because pet hair is the strongest allergen. Asthmatics cannot be in the same room with animals, as this may cause the strongest attack.

Observe rules selecting various items and materials. Feather pillows, blankets made of wool are forbidden for asthmatics. Experts advise buying pillows with silicone filler. When choosing clothes it is necessary to be very careful: asthmatics should abandon down jackets, sweaters made of wool and fur coats. These materials can be replaced by modern, very high-quality synthetic (holofiber, polyester and so on). Feather pillows and blankets must also be abandoned in favor of hypoallergenic materials, for example, the same holofiber.

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If possible, avoid stress and tension. Excessive physical exercise is prohibited (especially for untrained people).

If possible, avoid contact with household cleaning products (or wear a mask and gloves when working with such materials), dust, fragrance diffusers and other allergens.

Alcohol and Asthma Treatment

Under alcohol influence immunity protective function is reduced, there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Abusing such drinks can provoke chronic diseases aggravation, not just asthma. Protective functions of immune system reduction are one of the main reasons for refusal from alcohol at this disease.asthma

At frequent use of alcohol, blood becomes thicker and therefore the risk of blood clots increases.

Because of inability to saturate lungs with oxygen in the required amount, oxygen starvation occurs and risk of attack increases.

To determine exactly how much alcohol is safe is very difficult because it is individual for each person.

Possible consequences of using such drinks:

  • risk of allergy;
  • emergence of attacks;
  • side effects of medicines taken at the moment.

It must be remembered about preparations, taken for this disease treatment. Usually these are Canadian Pharmacy medications, containing hormones, which are not compatible with alcohol. Not only allergic reactions may arise, but also asthma attacks, threatening patient’s life.

Also, traditional remedies for treating this disease must be used with great caution, since most doctors use alcohol in treatment, and asthma and alcohol are hardly compatible. Experts do not recommend to resort to such methods of treatment.