Antidepressants for Depression Treatment

DepressionThere is a strong belief that the depression is trifles, that’s nothing unusual and sometimes happens with all. Or even someone has nothing to do, where he also shows off. It is not an illness at all, simply the person himself gives vent to the bad mood. And if it is not the illness but overindulgence, and antidepressants aren’t necessary.

It is necessary to disappoint optimists. A depression is the most real disease. And this disease is serious, even with a possible deadly outcome. Not gift bulk of suicides attributed to mood frustration. Of course, people can cope with an easy form of depression by themselves, but in acute cases, without treatment, the depression can last for years, amplify and develop into something else heavier, for example into manic-depressive psychosis.


There are a lot of remedies used to overcome depression. My Canadian Pharmacy offers the following raw of antidepressants: Prozac, Wellbutrin SR, Lexapro, Zoloft, Celexa, Cymbalta, Desyrel and etc. The majority of them should be taken attentively because all antidepressants may cause side effects.

Most often antidepressants cause a headache, dizziness, perspiration, heartbeat, hypersensibility to light, loss of sexual desire, drowsiness, decrease or, on the contrary, increase in appetite.

Most of all patients are afraid of the latest point. It is considered that because of reception of antidepressants people can gain excess weight. But, it is possible at depression as well. Someone is afraid of sexual desire loss, but also at a depression it is difficult to be the sexual giant. Besides, side effects pass right after the termination of the treatment course, and the depression with its not palatable symptoms can last for years.

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There is a firm convincement that antidepressants may cause addiction. But it is not true really speaking because the old antidepressants and modern ones do not cause addiction. There are cases when there may appear psychological addiction but psychological addiction may be caused by different factors.

It is better to consult the doctor before beginning intake of antidepressants because the consequences of independent reception can be various. The chance that drugs will help is miserly. And the chance is even less that they won’t do much harm.

Antidepressants are strongly active ingredients which the doctor selects individually. Especially it concerns dosages.