Testosterone and Estrogen

man and womanMeeting of man and woman it always collision of two worlds and is explained by two small hormones: representatives of strong half of mankind – testosterone, and here the fine — an estrogen. The first is a symbol of courage, the second, on the contrary, feminity.

If the hormone testosterone pushes men to various victories, the hormone an estrogen causes in women emotionality, sometimes destructive force. Addition together of these two hormones also helps the man to find each other with the woman. But the shortcoming them is also capable to play a dirty trick. We will try to understand, why it has happened together with My Canadian Pharmacy.

Testosterone — the Hormone of Kings and Passionate Lovers

Testosterone directs the man throughout all his life. Starting being developed in mother’s womb, it defines a sex of a future child — at boys of this hormone in five-six times more, than at girls. And further its level in blood only increases that does behavior of the man very predictable: here both long hellbenders, and fast love, and rivalry by a hand and heart of the great lady. The desire to cease to court skirts and to establish a strong family arises after 35 years when production of testosterone is considerably slowed down, and decrease by years 50 does it of the philosopher’s man at all.

However, it doesn’t mean at all that only development of love plot depends on this hormone. Testosterone defines a behavior of the true man — vigorous, sure, ready to protect the relatives.

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And here the lack of this hormone deprives men of all these qualities, doing of it the mollycoddle. If it occurs against an increase of an estrogen, it becomes effeminate at all. The cause is there are not so much genetic bents, how many a way of life: the taste of meat of the animals who grew on hormonal additives, beer, rich in a phytoestrogen, are capable to deprive of any man’s force. Testosterone starts sinking in the estrogen hammering it, which increase directly proportional consumption of such products. That is why it is so important to exclude risk factors which slow down development of this hormone from the life.

Production of testosterone is slowed down:

  • viral diseases;
  • refusal of meat;
  • alcohol;
  • frigid climate;
  • strong stress;
  • close underwear.

The distortion in any vital sphere can perniciously affect this hormone. Always to keep at the worthy level, it is enough to adhere to those simple methods which help to return at any time it into place. All these disorders may be treated with drugs of My Canadian Pharmacy. It is possible to be treated by well-qualified and not expensive drugs with our online pharmacy.

Estrogen — a Hormone of Feminity and Beauty

The word “estrogen” has Greek origin and means “sexual desire”, however not only its impact on the woman is evidenced. Both testosterone defines the quality of life the man, and the estrogen influences both reproductive ability of the woman, and her mental health. Formation of this hormone happens in ovaries, and its main impact on an organism of the woman defines ability her to conception.

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Under the influence of an estrogen in an organism of the woman the following processes occur:

  • development of secondary sexual signs;
  • increase in uterus and establishment in the vagina of the sour environment;
  • distribution to breasts, hips and buttocks of fatty cells.

Deficiency of estrogen threatens the woman with early withering. Her hair becomes dim, a face — pale. And the lack of calcium provokes osteoporosis emergence.

Surplus of estrogen leads to obesity, (fat is formed on bell and hips), to decrease in libido, strengthening of premenstrual syndrome and the emergence of a strong headache. Doctors also connect developing of some benign tumors with a surplus of estrogen.

If the estrogen in the norm, the woman looks much younger. Besides a beautiful figure and velvet skin, it differs in fine memory (here where the ability of the woman to remember information with more details), the tendency to studying of languages is hidden, and still in burning desire to see nearby the man of your dream.