What is Affiliation?

Affiliation is an aspiration to be in the company of other people, need for creation of confidential, warm, emotionally significant relations. Under this concept, such categories as communication, friendship, love and many others are implied. Nature of relationship with parents and contemporaries in the early childhood causes the formation of this requirement. The affiliation conducts to decrease in uneasiness and softens consequences of both psychological, and physiological stress. Both kinds of stress may be treated with the help of tranquilizers. The negative experience fixed at frequent repetition of the situations interfaced to uncertainty in themselves and mistrust to other person or group of people blocks an affiliation and causes estrangement, loneliness, and frustration.

Low and High Affiliation

affiliationIn psychology, the level of social personal needs is understood as an affiliation. Each of us in different degree needs communication. One wants to be always in society, to see friends and colleagues on various actions or parties. For communication, it is enough to use the Internet for others not without reason such distribution was gained by social networks and various communication programs which provide not only text communication, but also allow to see and hear the interlocutor. The third, on the contrary, prefer to the noisy companies a privacy, don’t like to draw to themselves attention and even choose distant work with the purpose to limit contact with people around. Certainly, how many people so many options. The affiliation is and there is that concept which defines as far as the person is inspired by the prospect of communication with others. The high and low affiliation is two extremes which seldom meet in pure form. In the first case, there are unconditional extroverts. They are open for communication, without effort can start a conversation with strangers, often happen soul of the company. Don’t take out loneliness and achieve the best results only in an environment of people. To them the exchange of ideas and opinions “alive” is important. Low level of an affiliation is more peculiar to introverts. Such people are, as a rule, independent and self-sufficient, the personal space is important to them. Long communication with people around exhausts them, and composure is restored only alone. It isn’t a lack of social skills and in a desire to establish and maintain close relations with a small circle of friends, without meeting constantly new people.

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The content of affiliation motivation consists in support of the relations of such degree of proximity which suits the person and doesn’t cause discomfort. The purposes thus can significantly differ – from attempts to impress other people to desire to make an imperious impact. The affiliation assumes partnership, and asymmetrical cast destroys it, bringing in hard cases to social phobias. If the person understands that he is tried to humiliate or use to the satisfaction of someone’s requirements, it can cause damage to his need for an affiliation. Therefore it is necessary to increase communication value in the opinion of the partner, to establish a confidential connection and to achieve that the sympathy and friendly support were mutual. Achievement and preservation of the relations such are promoted by a set of verbal and nonverbal means is a quantity and positive contents of statements, a friendly look, duration of visual contact, a pose, gesticulation and other ways of behavior. The motivation of an affiliation correlates, on the one hand, with a requirement to ego-trip and get approval, and with another, with fear to be rejected. On the basis of past experience, the corresponding expectations are formed. For example, if need to communicate with strangers is interfaced to an expectation of success, the appeal of this situation will be high, and vice versa. Respectively, the person or aspires to other people, look for in them companions and trusts them, or is suspicious of them and avoids them. If both types of expectations are low, in interpersonal interaction disinterest and indifference is shown.

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