What are Zithromax Effects on Reproduction?

Zithromax and erectile dysfunction are closely connected with each other. Let’s grapple why? This drug is effective antibiotic and this is the key to this problem. Prior to the release of many antibiotics, it was not easy to fight even simple diseases. Scientists believed antibiotics are a truly great discovery in medicine. At present, this group of drugs is perhaps the most widely used. It is already known, along with the useful qualities of all antibiotics, they have a negative impact on human body. Of course, this process is dependent on each person individually.

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US scientists conducting another study of antibiotics discovered another side effect of these drugs. This time it was more serious than beneficial intestinal microflora destruction. Employees of Nevada University investigated the effect of long-known Zithromax, on sperm quality, and impact of changes in the next generation.

The study was conducted on male pseudoscorpions, it was studied three generations of these arthropods. From birth until puberty, males received a dose of azithromycin daily. And then they have been taken sperm samples. As a result, it turned out that males sperm after Zithromax application had poor quality by 25% in comparison with those who did not take it. In addition to deterioration in male sperm actually treated with antibiotics, sperm deteriorated in their sons and grandsons, even though they do not take this antibiotic.

Canadian Pharmacy Zithromax Affects Male FertilityThis fact is considered alarming for scientists because Zithromax is still very widely used in human and veterinary medicine and thus man gets it in uncontrolled amounts. Therefore, this drug can have a detrimental effect on the reproductive function of many male generations.

How Antibiotics Affect Spermatogenesis?

Modern medicine cannot be imagined without antibiotics to help deal with a variety of diseases. However, not only bacteria are destroyed under their influence: there is a great burden on liver, stomach, intestines. During pregnancy planning, women should stop taking antibiotics, and men need to take these drugs with extreme caution because long-term use of antibiotics, including Zithromax, can cause erectile dysfunction but temporary.

Antibiotics Influence on Sperm

Various antibiotics in one way or another have a strong impact on male sexual life. While taking antibiotics, many representatives of the stronger sex note decreased libido and potency deterioration. It happens due to the strong influence of antibiotics on internal organs, including testes, controlling testosterone production. Suppression of sexual desire can also appear on the background of body general weakening caused by treatment. Furthermore, due to reception of some antibiotics, lowering blood flow, erectile dysfunction may occur.

However, if libido suppression and potency deterioration are observed only during the treatment course, spermatogenesis violation after taking some antibiotics in most men was diagnosed within 1-3 months. Therefore conception attempts during this period can be paired with certain difficulties.

Most of the known antibiotics causes severe reproductive disorders and make men infertile for a long period of time (90 days).10 days course of taking some antibiotics, for example, one of the most toxic – doxycycline influences DNA fragmentation of sperm, after 20 days course this indicator was equal to 80% (in fragmentation of greater than 30% chance of natural conception is less than 1%). 60 days after the last dose of doxycycline DNA fragmentation of sperm is 42%.

Less toxic Amoxicillin, Cephalexin and Zithromax: a month after taking drugs, DNA fragmentation of sperm is 20-27%. One of the safest for the reproductive function is josamycin.

Is it Necessary to Practise Safe Sex, while Taking Antibiotics?

Antibiotics markedly reduce sperm basic function but do not make them the carrier of pathological DNA. If your spouse or partner are taking these medications, you simply will likely not become pregnant.Several studies indicate a high incidence of spontaneous abortion after conception, in the case when men took antibiotics. To protect yourself, it is better to postpone pregnancy planning for 2-3 months after treatment course completion.