Advair Diskus Generics

Advair Discus generics include Fluticasone and Salmeterol (the name based on the active ingredients of the medication). We will try to answer all the FAQ about the original drug and generic products.

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The truth in a few questions and answers

If the doctor or the pharmacist offers you to buy a generic asthma medication instead of the expensive drug (“the same medicine, but cheaper)”, then you will probably have some questions. In other words, generic medicine is a cheaper analog of the original (branded) drug. We placed here the answers to five frequently asked questions of consumers about Fluticasone / Salmeterol.

TRUTH about Advair Diskus GenericsHas the generic Advair Diskus works exactly the same way as the original inhaler?

– Yes, almost the same way. Side effects of the original drug and its generics are also the same.
Is it true that generic inhaler is manufactured with the help of older equipment as opposed to the original inhaler for asthma?

– This is possible only in a few developing countries, where pharmaceutical companies are not subject to the control by the international standard GMP (Good Manufacturing Products) or where generic drugs are manufactured illegally.

Usually a generic as the original drug is an officially authorized medicine which is produced in accordance with all technological and hygienic standards. Generic Fluticasone / Salmeterol is actively manufactured all around the world. It’s just a separate branch of the pharmaceutical industry.

How our pharmacy can explain the low price of generic inhalers?

– Manufacturers spend about 15 years for the development of a new original drug, besides, the research activity is going in many directions at once. Unfortunately, about 90% of the projects – potential new products – prove to be ineffective in the end and do not enter the market.

Consequently, millions dollar fly away for nothing. These costs must be recovered by increasing the selling price of one or two drugs, that has turned to be successful.

Firms that produce generics Fluticasone / Salmeterol have no such costs, their task – is to repeat what has already been developed. This explains the cost of medicines price which is more accessible to the consumer. Generics were produced only when the original Advair Diskus had been sold on the market for several years.

Is generic Advair is an exact copy of the original inhaler?

– If we look at the chemical composition of both medicines, we see that in fact Fluticasone / Salmeterol is not a duplicate. The “therapeutic core” – active substances – is the same but and the impurities can vary in the composition or the quality. But they do not influence the effects of the drug.

Upon the patent protection expiration, the company sells a formula to other producers of semi-finished products but does not disclose the secret of manufacturing to the end.

Does every drug have generics?

– Almost every medicine. The exceptions are newly created drugs that are still under patent protection, unique drugs for the treatment of cancer and AIDS, which any optional ingredient does matter.

What are the main advantages of Canadian Advair Diskus?

canadian pharmacy– The main benefits of the generic product in the pharmaceutical market:

  • Generics’ price is always much lower than the price of the original drugs, which means that they are more accessible to all categories of patients, especially those with low and middle incomes;
  • The generic drug allow doctors to treat everyone, even in economically underdeveloped countries, using the most modern generics of expensive original drugs in their practice;
  • Generic drugs are well studied in terms of efficiency and safety and make it possible to select the treatment options by the doctor and the patient;
  • «Pressure» of generic drugs on the market is one of the driving factors. They make companies producing original drugs actively introduce new and promising development technologies.

The use of Advair Diskus in clinical practice is an alternative and an economic necessity for the full drug supply of all country population with different levels of income.