What is Bronchiectasis?

BronchiectasisBronchiectasis is a disease which is defined by the localized irreversible expansion of part of the so-called bronchial tree caused by the destruction of muscles and fabrics elasticity. Bronchiectasis is classified as a chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, also as well as emphysema, bronchitis, asthma and cystic fibrosis. Bronchiectasis of lungs can result from various infectious diseases, including heavy and recurrent pneumonia, tuberculosis and cystic fibrosis. Facing such diseases you may order drugs for treatment via My Canadian Pharmacy.

Bronchiectasis of lungs happen congenital and acquired. They can be diagnosed by means of clinical analyses. It is recommended to carry out computer tomography which can reveal anomalies of the bronchial tree and the available cysts for confirmation of the diagnosis. Also, diagnosis usually includes blood tests and phlegms, and sometimes and tests for concrete genetic disorders.

For bronchiectasis prevention, at children’s age, it is necessary to vaccinate children from measles, whooping cough and other sharp respiratory children’s infections. The healthy index of body weight and regular visits to the doctor can have a beneficial influence on the prevention of progressing bronchiectasis.


  • A frequent green or yellow phlegm;
  • bloody expectoration;
  • The Unpleasant smell from the mouth;
  • Frequent bronchial infections;
  • Short breathing;
  • Rattles at breath and exhalation.

The bronchiectasis recrudescence caused by bacterial infections can lead to the following symptoms:

  • to the increased allocation of phlegm in comparison with an initial stage;
  • the Increased viscosity of phlegm;
  • the Unpleasant smell of the allocated phlegm;
  • subfebrile temperature;
  • increase in the constitutional symptoms (fatigue, indisposition);
  • increase in short breathing, the complicated breath and lung pain.


Bronchiectasis treatment includes management of bronchiectasis infection, release from airways obstacles, removal of the affected parts of lungs by means of surgical intervention or arteries embolization. Treatment includes the long use of antibiotics ordered via My Canadian Pharmacy for infections prevention, and also the elimination of the saved-up liquid using postural drainage and physical therapy of breast. The operation can be also used for the localized bronchiectasis treatment and removal of obstacles which can cause illness development. Carrying out inhalation steroid therapy can reduce phlegm and narrow airways during the short period of time, and also help to prevent progressing of bronchial tubes expansion. This procedure isn’t recommended for treatment of bronchiectasis in children.