What Is Jaundice, Symptoms and Treatment

JaundiceJaundice is the consequence of liver and other bodies diseases which is manifested in the coloring of the skin, mucous membranes and sclera in yellow color because of deposits in them bilious pigment namely bilirubin. In a normal state this pigment is almost completely removed outside together with contents of the gastrointestinal tract, but at sick people, bilirubin collects in an organism and testifies to problems with bilious ways, a liver and other vital systems. In some cases, jaundice in children and adults is shown as a result of the abnormally intensive process of disintegration of erythrocytes or after intake of some medicines. There is wish to notice at once that if jaundice is diagnosed for the person, treatment is based on the establishment of its reason and elimination of the main disease, but not a consequence which changes the color of an integument and mucous.

Symptoms and Clinical Picture

In medical practice, it is accepted to allocate some types of jaundice. Respectively, the course of disease strongly depends on the form of the disease, the age of the patient and some other important factors. Mechanical jaundice is a consequence of the violation of normal bilis outflow and problems with bilirubin absorption. These are its reasons: cholelithiasis, bilious channels tumors, gallbladder mechanical injuries. Jaundice of newborns is provoked by enzyme lack and shown in the first days of the life of the child. It is subdivided into two types. The first is characterized by a sharp increase of the bilirubin level in blood, coloring of skin, sclera and mucous in bright yellow color, and also the separate signs testifying to defeat of the central nervous system.

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Jaundice of newborns of the II type is expressed in easy yellowness of integument and will well respond to treatment. Hepatic jaundice is shown both under the influence of hereditary factors and after infectious or toxic injuries of the liver. In particular, symptoms of jaundice arise from toxicosis, acute infectious diseases, organism intoxication. The itch is expressed poorly, skin and mucous are painted in saffron-yellow-yellow, is rarer in a reddish color. Urine of the patient gets dark coloring, by dung is decolored. At heavy forms of the disease, the liver failure develops. Hemolytic jaundice is a consequence of the strengthened erythrocytes hematocytolysis which, in turn, leads to intensive bilirubin release. If hemolytic jaundice is diagnosed for the patient, symptoms have all symptoms of poisoning with snake poison, sulfanilamide, hydrogen arsenide and other substances influencing on hematocytolysis erythrocytes. Exacerbations of disease take place when overcooling an organism and new intoxications. In children, the hemolytic jaundice of newborns developing because of Rhesus factor to conflict pregnancy is often shown.

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