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Zithromax generic is very popular worldwide. Zithromax generic name is Azithromycin, an antibiotic of broad spectrum. There are many other brand names for Zithromax, exactly:

  • Azovid;
  • Azee;
  • Azotik;
  • Azithral;
  • Zithromac;
  • Vinzam;
  • Zmax;
  • Sumamed;
  • Zitrocin;
  • Aziswift.

You may ask what generics are. This article will explain to you essence of this medications including Canadian Pharmacy Zithromax.

Generic Drugs Essence

The first reports that every drug obtains cheaper analogues, created a long time ago. And now many of you know, that if in pharmacy you ask for something similar, but cheaper pharmaceutist will offer a choice of several drugs. And generic zithromax cost is considerably lower in comparison with brand one.

What can happen if you replace one drug to another? Will it be any difference in effect?

Today, we will understand this! Since there is very much information on this subject and there are always producers to protect their goods. What is difference between brand and generic drugs? To begin with, there are original drugs and generic drugs. Initially, any drug is checked for thousand tests in vitro, in animal and in human volunteers. Its study takes no less than 15 years. Then this generic medication gets a patent and is authorized to be used. Patent is valid for 20 years. During this period, no one drug should have the same name as original. After this expiration period, right to official name is lost, and now they can be used by other manufacturers. It concerns not only the name, manufacturer is selling the formula as well! But! Only drug formula. All companies finds this formular in different ways, that’s why additive substances may be different!Canadian Pharmacy Zithromax available on Canadian Health and Care Mall

Production of original medicine demands millions of dollars, so price for original drug is so high you may compare it on Zithromax online. In production of similar products (generics) such great funds are not spent, that’s why the price is lowered considerably.

Generic – Similar to the Original?

It is clear that the main substance identical to the original. But amount of additive substances are not only different, but may vary relative to each other. Side effects are different. Since it occurs in response to the main active substance. Reactions to additive substances are less common, but still they are. If you have side effects on Zithromax components, you are welcome to replace to another medication of antibiotic group. You cannot predicate allergy to any components beforehand. In the United States and Sweden, for example, more frequent people buy generic and Zithromax as well. Manufacturing technology of medicines and equipment are no less important in medicines production. If the original was produced 20 years ago and its manufacturing technology has not changed, the modern equivalent would win.

The Advantages of Cheap Generic Drugs

Generic equivalents have number of advantages: relatively low price, especially on My Canadian Pharmacy. Preparations have been undergone efficiency and safety trials, and therefore, can be bought by people with different levels of income. Development of analogue presses on “original” market forcing it to improve its products and to introduce new ones. Cheap means are rarely counterfeited, it is unprofitable. If they are so good, why sell expensive drugs? It’s not just profit for pharmacies, it is, by itself, more profitable to sell something that is more expensive.

Theory and Practice

So, generics – a medication copies which have been patented by their developer, the same happens with Zithromax canada pharmacy, he has for some time had the opportunity of exclusive rights for their release, but then the term of patent protection has expired, manufacturer declassified molecule of the active ingredient and now anyone can stamp this medicine at the factory and even to give it trade names.

The idea is that these copies have the same characteristics of quality, effectiveness and safety, as well as the original means. A huge number of pharmaceutical companies are involved in production of generic drugs, including those which once have produced original drugs. Theoretically, difference between generic and original drug should be only in price (Zithromax generic price is much cheaper) and in appearance.

According to the new requirements of the Ministry of Health doctors will prescribe drugs not under the trade / brand name, but under international nonproprietary name (INN), which reflects chemical composition of active component in medicines. And already pharmacist will offer several options – either the original or generic drugs. And you have to choose yourself.