Antibiotics for Children Up to One Year

It’s not a secret that powerful antibiotics can help defeat many diseases in short time. We decided to find out whether it is possible to use these drugs for treating children under one year and what parents should remember.

Antibiotics for Newborn Children

It is important to understand the main thing: antibiotic is not a harmless and miraculous pill that can be used with or without reason. Anti-infective drugs are strong medications, many of which can be harmful to newborn children. Self-medication is not acceptable, such medications can be prescribed only by doctors.

Severe infection sometimes requires immediate treatment and most effective measures. In this case, these drugs are the best way out.

Cases and symptoms for which children up to one year may be prescribed antibiotics:

  • prolonged fever;
  • severe infectious diseases;
  • recrudescence after long-term treatment;
  • purulent discharge;
  • changes in blood composition.

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The main principal when prescribing antibiotics to children up to one year is: appointing drugs doctor should make a correct conclusion and consider benefits and harm of certain drugs reception. By the way, this applies not only antibiotics but also any medication prescribed for such fragile age.

Common antibiotics for children:

  • Amoxicillin;
  • Augmentin;
  • Zinacef;
  • Zinnat;
  • Ceftriaxone and others.

There is a number of contraindications, which a child may have and make it impossible to apply these drugs or take them with extreme caution. Thus, drug idiosyncrasy is the first reason to refuse to take a certain drug. The second reason is an allergy. If a child is predisposed to such reactions, it is worth considering the use of antibiotics again. Intestinal dysbiosis is another contraindication for applying these drugs. Serious microflora disorders combined with strong drugs use can literally «kill» natural immunity of a very young body. Infectious mononucleosis, severe hepatic disorders, and lymphatic leukemia – this is not a complete list of diagnoses that indicate the impossibility of antibiotics use. And still, keep in mind that each case should be discussed individually with a doctor.

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Important Advice

You may get to know what effect antibiotics have on children watching the video:

There are a number of arguments that will help parents to understand that antibiotics for children up to one year is a serious step and responsibility for a health condition.

  1. These drugs may pose a threat to immunity of a very tiny and still fragile body. During first months of life, protection against negative external influences (viruses and infections) is formed rapidly, but it is the very period when parents must be especially attentive to children’s health. Irresponsible prescription of strong substances can destroy or slow down the natural process of child’s body defense system development;
  2. Parents should not forget about side effects. The slightest instructions and child’s body individual characteristics violation may cause a negative reaction. Side effects of most antibiotics: digestive disorders (disorders of digestive system, long-lasting dysbiosis), allergic reactions, liver and kidneys tissue injury, neurotoxic effects, hematological disorders, dermatitis, avitaminosis;
  3. You need strictly follow doctor’s dosage recommendations. A child up to one year is too small to ingest entire dose, so most parents have to adapt to particular child’s age (month) and weight. This is very important, while an improper dosage may be either useless or dangerous;
  4. It is important not to interrupt the treatment. Very often at first signs of improvement parents stop the therapy (although doctor warned them that this is important) and symptoms either return or cause new ones;
  5. Together with antibiotics or after treatment doctor may prescribe some vitamin complex or drug that will restore natural intestinal flora. This will help to avoid side effects and faster return to usual child’s health routine;
  6. When visiting doctor parents always have to know with what medications they treated their child during last three months, if the list contains antibiotics the doctor must be informed about it – it will affect the type of treatment.
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We hope we managed to convince you that antibiotics for children up to one year can be applied only according to professional recommendations. We wish you and your child be healthy, and that our advice will be useful for you only in theory, not in practice!