Birth Control

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Facts and Myths about Contraception

Facts about Contraception Do people know how to use condoms? Why French distribute emergency contraceptives among schoolchildren? Will your condom pass test for reliability? About this and many other things – 10 facts about contraception. Ancient Aztecs used as contraceptives wild yam Women of Aztecs tribes did eat wild yam to prevent pregnancy. By the way, in modern days wild yam is considered progesterone source

Emergency Contraception: Questions and Answers

Emergency or «fire-alarm» contraception is a general term that includes a variety of contraceptive methods applied during the first hours after sexual intercourse to prevent unwanted pregnancy and reduce abortions frequency. During the entire period of the existence, mankind tries to find the best way to prevent undesired pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse. Attitude to emergency contraception (EC) can be different and depends on our

Yasmin or Yaz: Which Contraceptive To Choose?

Everyone has the right to decide when he should acquire children. Timely pregnancy is especially important for both parents and their child. Conception planning allows very serious and responsible approach to this important issue, which allows a child to be born desired and as healthy as possible. Modern means of contraception help to fully control reproductive function of the body. At the same time different

The Instruction for Use of Alesse Birth Control

Nowadays even teenagers know about necessity and importance of contraception. After all, condoms, for example, protect not only against unwanted pregnancy but also from possible sexually transmitted diseases. But this article devoted not to them. My Canadian Pharmacy decided to talk about such concept as an oral contraceptive, in particular, Alesse: its pharmacology, action mechanism, side effects, contraindications and so on.