Yasmin or Yaz: Which Contraceptive To Choose?

Everyone has the right to decide when he should acquire children. Timely pregnancy is especially important for both parents and their child. Conception planning allows very serious and responsible approach to this important issue, which allows a child to be born desired and as healthy as possible. Modern means of contraception help to fully control reproductive function of the body. At the same time different hormonal compositions, including birth control pills, differ with maximal efficiency among such methods. Today we decided to consider two most popular contraceptives. We will try to understand what it is better: Yasmin or Yaz?

yasmin yaz


Yasmin is a monophasic contraceptive intended for oral consumption. Its use allows to achieve reliable protection from unwanted pregnancy, in addition, its manufacturers claim, that such pills have a positive effect on body activity, relieving premenstrual syndrome symptoms, optimizing skin and hair condition as well as normalizing weight indicators.

However, this oral contraceptive, as well as other drugs of this type, can cause a variety of side effects:

  • skin changes;
  • decreased sexual desire;
  • sickness;
  • headaches and sometimes other reactions.

To prevent such problems it is necessary to choose oral contraception means only with a doctor. If you are still experiencing side effects, be sure to inform your doctor about them.

The main Yasmin difference from other drugs of this type is that it is not capable of retaining fluid in the body. Besides, many patients say that this drug rarely provokes side effects appearance.

This drug is applied from the first day of menstruation cycle. At a later start of using the drug, it is necessary to additionally use a barrier method of contraception during the first week of contraception. If you are simultaneously taking other medications, keep in mind that they may reduce the effectiveness of the drug. In this case, it is necessary to discuss the protection circuit with the attending physician.

Yasmin pills should be taken at the same time of day for three weeks a certain amount of water. During one day, you should consume one pill. After twenty-one day period it is necessary to make a break for seven days, during this period menstruation-like hemorrhages are observed.

If you forgot to take a pill, drink another pill as soon as possible, and then follow regular intake regimen. At a delay of fewer than twelve hours, contraceptive effect is not reduced, but with a longer period, it is strongly recommended to use additional methods of contraception.


Yaz is also considered to be one of the most effective female contraceptive means. Such pills refer to ultra-low dose contraceptives intended for oral consumption. These oral contraceptives, as well as many of their counterparts, protects against unwanted pregnancy, helps to cure complex premenstrual syndrome form, as well as eliminate acne.

The drug increases mucus viscosity in the uterine cervix, prevents ovulation, reduces menstrual bleeding intensity and pains. Also, Yaz has a positive effect on hair and skin condition, but its main function – to prevent conception.

Yaz main difference from other oral contraceptives is special intake mode which involves consumption of one pill with active components during 24 days. After that, a patient receives placebo pill for 4 days. Then, it is necessary to start next pack. Thus, the treatment course does not imply breaks. Due to this reception scheme, the hormonal background becomes maximally uniformity, and a woman becomes most protected from unwanted pregnancy. Furthermore, such preparation seldom causes side effects due to the minimal concentration of hormone in its composition. So Yaz manufacturers reduced estrogen dosage in these pills for about 10 mcg. This made it possible to reduce chances of problems with blood vessels. Furthermore, this preparation has unique substance drospirenone in its composition, which is maximally similar to natural female hormones.

Both of considered drugs were tested by many thousands of women which speaks in their favor. If drug selection was carried out under gynecologist’s supervision after a series of tests, then this means will become a reliable assistant in undesirable conception prevention and will not harm your body. However, the possibility of having side effects caused by its reception should be taken into account.