Drugs for Erection: Comparing Reviews


All effective means for improving erection with positive physicians reviews, can be divided into the following two large groups:

  • quick-action drugs (inhibitors), which are taken right before sexual intercourse – Viagra, Levitra, Cialis;
  • stimulants related to food additives (BAAs), which are prescribed for long-term course in order to achieve long-lasting effect – ViMax, VigRX, Furunbao.

It should be noted that the second group of drugs for improving potency also has a positive effect when used before sexual intercourse. However, the main ViMax, VigRX, Furunbao advantages appear only after long-term reception. All of these medications have proven many times its own effectiveness in practice and have official medicine approval with a certain set of contraindications.

Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, which reviews are mostly positive, are used exclusively for temporary elimination of sexual dysfunction. It should be understood that these popular drugs are not sexual excitement stimulants. If sexual desire is absent, PDE-5 are recommended by doctors, may simply not work. The thing is that this group of drugs requires the mentioned above nitric oxide, which is produced only during sexual excitement. Working together with this substance, such ED drugs which may be contraindicated because of certain health problems, stimulate blood flow in pelvic area, quickly erecting penis.

ViMax, VigRX and Furunbao, which reviews define high popularity of these agents for impotence treatment, mechanism of action is essentially different from the process described above. In this case we are talking about means made of natural components, due to which sexual function gradually restores within 1 – 4 months of regular admission. ViMax, VigRX and Furunbao are made based on unique compositions of ancient oriental medicine, which successfully treated impotence.

Long-term reception of such dietary supplements can not only enhance erection, but also prolong sexual intercourse, positively effecting physical sensations, making them brighter, during sexual intercourse. Gradually accumulating in the body, stimulating components begin to participate in metabolism, improving penis muscle and spongy tissues tone, together with improving blood flow.


Known to all men Viagra, which reviews you can read in the Internet, is a super-efficient selective inhibitor, which first went on sale in 1998. The developers of this unique drug, which has solved problem with erectile dysfunction, were awarded with the Nobel Prize.

viagraSince then, such pills are considered to be the easiest and most effective method to improve erection immediately before sexual intercourse. The main active substance of this agent is sildenafil, which expands penile arteries, stimulating blood circulation in pelvic area. The drug is based on biochemical reactions that occur only if there is nitric oxide, which is produced during sexual excitement. Therefore, it should be emphasized that Viagra can «work» only in case of sexual attraction to partner and in no other way.

Viagra works in the interval of 30 – 60 minutes after ingestion, so man must necessarily calculate the time it takes to start sexual activity. Drug administration before meals increases stimulatory effect.

One of the most important advantages of Viagra is a natural erection process, which disappears after sex also in natural way. This wonderful means is especially recommended for men who have erection problems of physical origin – in particular, penile blood vessels pathology and prostate diseases.

Viagra is available in pills of 25, 50 and 100 mg and is used according to doctor’s advice. Main contraindications – chronic cardiac diseases, high arterial blood pressure, previous heart attacks and blood strokes, receiving medications containing nitrates. Viagra is able to temporarily change color perception, which should be taken into account by car drivers and complex mechanisms operators. In other cases, this successful preparation helps to perform normal sexual intercourse without any side effects. Today the market actively promotes sildenafil analogs which will be discussed below.


Quickly gaining popularity drug is the most successful sildenafil analogue, which has proved its unique qualities in practice. The main active ingredient of this erection stimulant is vardenafil – known in medicine component, which is actively used to improve erectile function. Vardenafil mechanism of action is similar to that of similar processes excited by sildenafil. However, this chemical element is characterized by a rapid absorption into bloodstream that determines certain differences compared to Viagra effect.

levitraLevitra pill is taken right before sexual intercourse and performs effect in 15 minutes, maintaining ability of enhanced erection for 12 hours. In most cases, this drug can be taken 3 – 4 hours before sexual intercourse, which significantly expands possibilities of man. Such absolute advantage has positive effect on mental state, which in its turn allows to speak of healthy natural environment of sexual intercourse. Therefore, men, who want to escape the fact of receiving stimulants, are recommended to use vardenafil, which application shall not exceed one pill per day. It is worth mentioning that the drug is well combined with reasonable doses of alcohol.

As with any drug, related to sexual intercourse stimulation, Levitra has certain contraindications. In particular, it should not to be taken at anatomical penile dysfunction (chordee, Peyronie’s disease, etc.), any type of cardiovascular diseases, severe hepatic and renal pathologies. It is also forbidden to combine Levitra with any medication containing active nitrates. In rest cases this effective Viagra analogue will surely help to restore erection, determining natural flow of sexual intercourse. Low cost of Levitra from Canadian Pharmacy pills determines high demand for this popular modern pharmacology product.


This drug basis is tadalafil – a new generation selective inhibitor, which by reacting with nitric oxide causes blood flow to penile cavernous tissues with simultaneous smooth muscles relaxation. The result is stable erection which allows long-lasting sexual intercourse. Cialis is effective only when there is sexual excitement, which stimulates nitric oxide release.

cialisUnlike Viagra and Levitra, Cialis is considered to be more «soft» drug, the effect of which does not cause instantaneous accented erection. It is to be taken about 15 – 20 minutes before sexual intercourse, and erection occurs gradually during erogenous zones stimulation without any adverse effects. And one more important competitive advantage is that this drug can be taken with alcohol, regardless of meal time. The positive effect on erection (one pill of 20 mg) may last up to one and a half days.

The contraindications traditionally include hypersensitivity to the main component, cardiovascular diseases, penis shape anatomical abnormalities, serious renal and hepatic abnormalities.


vimaxViMax is a well-known natural product to improve potency and erectile function, which can be attributed to biologically active additives. This unique means composition includes such well-known natural genitals stimulants as ginseng and eurycoma roots, water chestnut and Chinese magnolia vine. A unique combination of natural ingredients allows achieving impressive results already after a week of application.

ViMax average course lasts from 2 to 4 months, which can not only significantly improve erection, but also enhance libido, giving unusual emotional and physical intenseness to sexual intercourse. In most cases, increase in sexual intercourse duration is observed, accompanied by constant presence of pleasant sensations. Lack of side effects is the main advantage of this high-effective means, created by Canada scientists on the basis of ancient Chinese doctors knowledge.

VigRX Plus

vigrxNatural biologically active additive VigRX Plus is a unique complex of natural ingredients, each of which can have a positive impact on biochemical processes that stimulate erection. Red ginseng has long been known as the most effective remedy for male impotence, dodder extract prolong sexual intercourse and serrate palmetto fruits beneficially affect prostate gland. Other stimulating components are able to improve blood circulation in pelvic area and penile elastic muscles tone.

It is this dietary supplement that after long-term reception (from 1 to 4 months) can significantly improve ability male power at any age. Experts and users particularly point out the drug’s ability to stimulate erection immediately after sexual excitement signs occurrence. At the same time there observed psychological barriers decrease that adversely affect erectile function. VigRX Plus is completely harmless to the body and has no contraindications.

Furunbao Super

furunbaoIn dietary supplements used to enhance sexual function segment, it is worth to mention one more effective medication – Furunbao Super that is based on ginseng and ganoderma lucidum. It is this unique biological complex that has the fastest effect that allows to consider this drug both a stimulant and dietary supplement for long-term use, and efficient means for use right before sexual intercourse.

Furunbao Super is taken for 3 – 4 months, although natural ingredients complex effect will be visible already after the first week. The product is especially recommended for men with chronic fatigue and exhaustion. Chinese wolfberry in drug composition provides additional energy flow to cell structure, which in its turn increases general physical tone. The drug should not be taken at high arterial blood pressure or hypersensitivity to one of the components. Furunbao Super is also contraindicated to adolescents and people with serious nervous system diseases.