Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

According to historical tradition, the term «impotence» is referred to the condition of male sexual frustration.

From modern medicine point of view, impotence is the inability to maintain an erection sufficient for own and partner’s sexual gratification.

There are no age limits for erectile dysfunction: it can appear at 20 or 30 years old. Patients aged 40 and older suffer from this disorder more often. Percentage of patients who have already faced this problem is estimated by the convenient formula: among 40-year-old men there revealed 40% of the disease, 50-year-olds – 50%, 60-year-olds – 60%, etc.

Causes of ED

There is a great number of erectile dysfunction causes, but its symptoms are reduced to a few categories:

  1. Insufficient penis erection – always caused by poor blood supply: either excessive venous blood outflow from the penis or insufficient blood flow to it, i. e. penis blood supply balance disorder. Both cases reflect problems with penile blood vessels.To reveal the whole picture of penis blood supply, such method is used as Doppler ultrasound – a modern and painless diagnostic method. Doppler ultrasound data is very informative and blood vessels diseases, identified according to this data, are completely curable. ED
  2. Hormonal disorders – most often, this means that prolactin hormone in the male body «went out» or testosterone hormone level decreased. Prolactin is a hormone that should be present in the male body, but only in strict norm – in very limited amount, because it is a female hormone.If its limit in the male body is significantly exceeded, the cause should be sought in the pituitary gland (this may be a tumor, trauma (brain concussion), drugs intake, smoking and other factors) or liver disorders. Testosterone – main male hormone – can decrease as a result of physical fatigue, stress, and many other reasons.In order to identify hormonal causes, a detailed examination is required – blood tests for hormones.
    Hormonal problems are also quite curable, but require strict medical prescriptions adherence and subsequent andrologist supervision for several months.
  3. Urological causes – all kinds of urogenital system inflammations – prostatitis, urethritis, orchitis, STDs and many others.Urogenital system inflammations are very common and methods of their treatment are very diverse. They include both traditional therapeutic treatment, and hardware techniques – laser and ultrasound treatment.
  4. Neurologic causes – the pain of various origin, spinal cord trauma, previous surgeries.In this cases also therapeutic and hardware treatment is applied.
  5. Psychogenic causes – common impotence causes; explained by frequent stress and fatigue – a scourge of our times.
    Psychogenic causes are eliminated during the course of psychotherapeutic conversations with a patient.Besides, a very serious reason for impotence is an unhealthy lifestyle (no physical exercise, improper feeding and so on). This category also includes highly dangerous for men’s health habits:
    • self-medication – such treatment inevitably leads to an advanced disease, which in practice means that doctor will have to reduce consequences of such treatment;
    • nocturnal sleep disorders;
    • wearing harmful underclothes;
    • ignoring anxiety symptoms to the last.
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Early Symptoms

Even a slight decrease in sexual desire and fullness and brightness of sexual intercourse (even temporarily) is unexpressed, but an alarming symptom. If this is combined with subconscious desire to avoid or delay sex, this is an obvious symptom. Generally, classic early symptoms are considered to be:

  • weak erection;
  • insufficient erection;
  • reduced number of sexual intercourses.

However, based on daily practice, doctors come to the conclusion that any aspects that draw attention to themselves in sex life should be discussed with a doctor: early treatment – early recovery. Early andrologist consultation always helps to stop the disease at its very beginning.

Treatment Options

Choice of impotence  treatment depends on reasons which have caused it and always involves elimination of this phenomenon root causes.

My Canadian Pharmacy suggests the following methods of treatment:

  1. In 95% of cases, it is possible to recover potency by means of medical therapy (without surgery). The most popular products for erectile dysfunction treatment are Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. But nowadays another medication takes its stable position in the pharmaceutical market for erection improvement – Yagara, which is also named as Herbal Viagra.
    yagaraYagara is a herbal preparation which helps to restore erection without any harm to health, as it consists only of natural components. This is a natural version of viagra that became a sensation in the field of ED treatment. Its action mechanisms consist in increasing penile blood vessels, which allows normal blood flow to erectile tissues.
    But first of all, you need to make sure you really need treatment and consult a doctor. Improper dosage may lead to severer erection disorders or even serious intoxication. Therefore, for sexual dysfunction treatment, only prescription drugs are recommended to use, not to mention the fact that the drugs take Herbal Viagra can only be prescribed by doctors. Even if you at the moment have some problems with erection, that does not mean that you necessarily require treatment with medicines.
  2. Vascular disorders treatment by appointing medications that improve blood flow to the penis.
  3. If erectile dysfunction is expressed and caused by excessive venous blood outflow from the penis, for treatment surgery is conducted – some of penile veins ligation, which restores blood exchange disorders. Ligation is carried out with anesthetics, and therefore, it is painless. After surgery, patients don’t experience any pain symptoms or inconvenience.
  4. Hormonal disorders treatment (prognoses are usually positive):
    • hormone replacement therapy contributes to testosterone production normalization;
    • blocking female sex hormones production.
  5. Urological conditions treatment (such as chronic prostatitis).
  6. Severe erectile disorder forms require surgery – penile prosthesis. Modern prosthesis, which can be identified only by a doctor (identified as prosthesis) is implanted into the penis. From outside prosthesis is invisible.
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Andrologist attendance often has an effect already after the first visit – in some cases, one visit is enough to normalize sexual activity.

It is worth reminding that modern medicine can help in many, previously considered hopeless, cases and this help is really effective. But first of all – qualified doctor consultation.

Impotence treatment depends on its causes. The first detailed examination is always necessary. Nowadays, modern medicine has advanced and high-tech diagnostic equipment: penile cavernous bodies ultrasound, penis biothesiometry tests, Doppler ultrasound, endocrine tests and much more.

Modern medicine is categoric: absolutely hopeless cases currently do not exist. Treatment effectiveness is 95-98%.