Female Impotence: How does It Show?

Sexual disorders are specific not only of stronger sex but also of women. However, many doctors believe that impotence in women is a sexist term that puts blame on the woman herself, but not on her social and cultural environment, emotional distress or health state. But any of these conditions can have an impact on sexual desire loss.

Imagine her husband surprise, who is trying to make his wife be better in sex, but the more he tries, the «colder» she gets. Despite best intentions, his wife may soon end up feeling miserable and devastated, thinking that he married her only for legalized sex.

erectile dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction or impotence is a term now used as a diagnostic category in psychiatry and psychology and refers to women’s inability to function adequately in terms of sexual desire, sexual excitement and orgasm.

Frigidity Causes

If a partner does not sexually excite his woman and even doesn’t care about her physical and emotional needs, then the woman may become frigid.

The shocking truth is that the most common cause of female frigidity is that their men are not as good as they imagine. As well as plants can blossom only under proper conditions, a normal woman can reach sexual passion peak only when she feels loved, desired, is able to relax both physically and emotionally. Reduced sexual desire in women can be a result of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction in men.

It is worth noting
Due to long-term treatment of chronic depression, deep psychological problems, including negative experience in the past, physical abuse by a family member, some women may not experience the sexual excitement.

Some women due to strict religious principles perceive sex as something from which should stay away. Obviously, they do not try to sexually excite their partner and suppress their own erotic impulses.

Some women, mostly newlyweds, fear sex due to the pain that may occur during first sexual intercourse. Some also fear that it may lead to infections and sexually transmitted diseases.

The term «frigidity» continues to be used in everyday speech, usually as an insult or humiliating term to women who are «cold» with their partners or regarded as sexually inactive. It is likely that the term is most often used to explain lack of interest in sexual contact with a specific person. At the same time, a woman initially was attracted to the person inflicting insult.