Erectile Dysfunction

This category demonstrates number of articles devoted to male erectile dysfunction.

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Viagra Super Force and Its Side Effects

Viagra super force is one of the multipurpose drugs that are used. The oral drug is known to treat erectile dysfunction. The erection is obtained by opening up the blood vessels of the penis and this, in turn leads to greater amount of blood flow to the penis. The drug has another active ingredient which helps in stopping premature ejaculation. [ithshop code=”viagraforce” tpl=”short” page_id=”297″ dummy=”txt”]

Premature Ejaculation and Prostatitis

Cause of a number of sexual disorders in men is inflammation of prostate gland. Timely cured prostatitis will cope with problems in intimate life. Premature ejaculation is a sexual violation in which a man loses control of ejaculation. According to statistics, most often this disorder for a variety of reasons occurs in young men. Why is this happening? In fact, it is worth noting that

High Blood Pressure and Erectile Dysfunction

When treating impotence, you need to lower your blood pressure first. Some people are able to do this through a healthy lifestyle. Others also need to take medications to lower blood pressure. The problem for many men is that some high-pressure drugs can actually cause erectile dysfunction. Thus, a man will not want to continue taking such a drug, especially if before that high blood

Female Erectile Dysfunction

Female erectile dysfunction is often called a state in which biological, psychological and interpersonal factors play an equal role, sometimes acting in a complex combination. The American Institute of National Health has published data that up to three-quarters of all women suffer in varying degrees of sexual dysfunction. Wherein: 33% of women noted decrease in sexual desire; 25% of women noted absence of orgasm in

Problems with Sex in Modern Society

Hyperlibidinousness People conventionally are divided into 3 categories according to their sexual constitution: weak sexual constitution. Characteristic of men with narrow shoulders, wide hips, breast growth. Women – painful menstruations, narrow shoulders, as well as hips. Need for sex in this group is small; moderate sexual constitution. As for body hair coat at men, it is normal, as well as physique. Need for sex occurs

Obesity Effects on the Erectile Function and General Health

Why do men after 35 years begin to uncontrollably gain weight? The answer to this question was found already in the 1990s by University of Iowa scientists (USA) and they created anti-age-medicine. When obesity causes in men aged 35 – 50 years old are not in diet and lack of physical activity, so it is necessary to look for them in endocrine glands functions violations.

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

Most men with diabetes of 1 or 2 type have problems with potency. Researchers suggest that diabetes increases erectile dysfunction risk 3-fold compared to men of the same age who have normal blood sugar level. In this article, My Canadian Pharmacy will tell about effective measures for impotence treatment at men with diabetes.

Female Impotence: How does It Show?

Sexual disorders are specific not only of stronger sex but also of women. However, many doctors believe that impotence in women is a sexist term that puts blame on the woman herself, but not on her social and cultural environment, emotional distress or health state. But any of these conditions can have an impact on sexual desire loss.

Erectile Dysfunction: Treatment Options

Among many male sexual problems that can occur, erectile dysfunction is one of the most common. It can appear as early as 30-40 years old. However, in recent years, this term is rarely used in international medical literature. For a long time, it was of reprehensible character and was not quite accurate and strongly generalized. It was established in almost all cases when a patient complained

Viagra (Sildenafil): Pros and Cons

Scientists tried to create a new drug for increasing blood flow to cardiac muscle and decreasing arterial pressure. However, it did not meet their expectations. But it was noted that the drug provided significant blood flow to male genitals, and as a result, improved erection. This drug was named «Viagra». This drug is effective only when a man feels the natural sexual excitement, and after