Obesity Effects on the Erectile Function and General Health

Why do men after 35 years begin to uncontrollably gain weight? The answer to this question was found already in the 1990s by University of Iowa scientists (USA) and they created anti-age-medicine.

When obesity causes in men aged 35 – 50 years old are not in diet and lack of physical activity, so it is necessary to look for them in endocrine glands functions violations. It may be problems with the thyroid gland, sex glands, liver, etc. Often they take place on the background of latent diabetes, at which blood sugar level is normal.

Obesity effect on overall health can easily be found: the more fat there is, the worse potency is. And this is the beginning of secondary hypogonadism (a condition, which causes reduced male sex hormones production). In fat, male hormones by complex biochemical processes is transformed into the female. A vicious circle appears: the more the belly is, the more female hormones are produced and the less male hormones there are. Because of this fat accumulates faster. As a result, hepatic steatosis and atherosclerosis develop, characteristic of a severe illness called metabolic syndrome.


It is possible to avoid it if timely pay attention to such symptoms as:

  • continuous weight gain at a constant physical activity and eating habits;
  • fatigue, dyspnea during exercise (climbing stairs, gym exercises), back pains, loss of desire to go in for sports (physical activity);
  • decreased libido at still preserved potency.

Before prescribing treatment, doctors perform hormonal tests, evaluation of liver and pancreas function, lipid metabolism. In addition, ECG and ultrasound of abdomen, thyroid and prostate glands. Based on examination results, therapy type is chosen.

It’s no secret that obesity in men, in addition to significant psychological and physical discomfort, entails also a lot of concomitant diseases, the most frightening of which for many men is impotence. This is understandable, since according to statistics, men who are overweight, have difficulties with potency 2,5 times more often than slim and fit sex. What is the reason?

How Does Obesity Affect Potency?

There are three main factors of obesity influence on «men’s power». These are physiological, psychological and physical factors.

Physiological factors

From physiology point of view obesity effect on potency is apparent. The male body is designed in such a way that with fat tissue growth in the body there is an increase in female hormone estrogen production. Male hormone testosterone synthesis, on the contrary, slows down. Lack of male hormones is one of the main causes of sexual dysfunction among strong half of mankind.

In connection with hormonal level shift, men suffering from obesity, with time not only have serious difficulties with potency but also changes in their appearance – begin to develop as female type. Female hormones prevalence in the body increases breast, changes voice – it becomes thinner and higher, etc.

In addition, with increased stored fat disorders in blood circulation at men often occur. In particular, it can disrupt blood flow to genitals, which also leads to problems with erection.

Psychological factor

Described physiological changes, changes in appearance cause serious psychological disorders: depression, low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, etc. It is obvious that if a man does not like himself, not confident in his abilities and capabilities, it is unlikely that women will like him.

Realization of his outer unattractiveness, a lot of concomitant diseases provoke weakness in man’s sexual life.

Physical factors

Physical data of a man, suffering from obesity, are also a serious obstacle to his full sexual life. Large belly, enlarged breasts, slowness, and heaviness provoke problems in the sexual sphere. In particular, obese men, because of their complexion, very often do not have the opportunity to realize all of their sexual fantasies and preferences. The sexual life of such men and their partners, even while preserving erectile function, becomes boring and monotonous.

What are Obesity Consequences for Men?

Male obesity is a serious disease, and not just «features of the figure», as some men comfort themselves. Obesity must be treated, and the sooner you realize the problem and begin to act, the less risk of serious consequences for your health is.

Obesity not only provokes a number of systemic diseases (such as heart, musculoskeletal system diseases, dyspnea, etc.) but also is one of the most common causes of impotence.

Changes in the secretion of genital organs are endocrine disorders consequence. Obesity increases the risk of prostate cancer. Excessive weight changes person’s appearance, which affects a decrease in sexual activity not only because of libido loss but also because of psychological factors.

Infertility Due to Obesity

Because of excessive weight, both quality and quantity of men’s sperm are lost, sometimes leading to complete infertility. If not begin treatment timely, the result can be very disastrous.

Sex and Obesity

Scientists have proved that to lose weight and regain normal psychological mood in obese people, it is necessary to continue active sex life. Sexual activity has a positive effect on the body, giving more exercise and improving the emotional state. Frequent ejaculation contributes to more testosterone production in the body.

How To Prevent Obesity?

There is no doubt that it is easier to prevent disease than to treat it. So what does obesity prevention include?

People who tend to be overweight, from childhood should keep to diet, exclude bakery and sweets, animal fats and carbohydrates. You must try not to eat at night and not to overeat. Exercise will be a great addition to this prevention.

Treatment Options

Obesity is a disease which can and must be treated. Especially if it is combined with arterial hypertension and diabetes, worsening erectile dysfunction. Obesity and impotence treatment should be simultaneous, as together they are very bad for the psycho-emotional state of a person, causing him depression.

The most traditional way to treat obesity is a diet that everyone chooses for his body and features individually. Physical exercises also do not lose their popularity in the fight against excessive weight. In combination, these two ways will bring more visible and noticeable effect.

There are medications, which reduce appetite, they will be a great addition to the above methods for controlling obesity.

Research Results

According to studies, published in the official journal of International Society of Sexology (Journal of Sexual Medicine), two out of three men who are obese, have a lower level of testosterone in the blood. Also, significant violations of blood flow to genitals, caused by excessive body weight, were found. In these psychological problems of obese men do not have much effect on erection problems.

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