Premature Ejaculation and Prostatitis

Cause of a number of sexual disorders in men is inflammation of prostate gland. Timely cured prostatitis will cope with problems in intimate life.

Premature ejaculation is a sexual violation in which a man loses control of ejaculation. According to statistics, most often this disorder for a variety of reasons occurs in young men. Why is this happening? In fact, it is worth noting that in medicine there are no clear guidelines as to which time interval before ejaculation is considered «normal» and which is not. Evolutionary, all animals tend to as short-lasting sex as possible. From the point of view of self-preservation of the species, prolonged sexual contact is not beneficial. Male always aspired to fertilize female as soon as possible. The same goes for people. Constitutional features of male organism laid by nature do not allow him to have sex for a long time. Nevertheless, partially freed from the evolutionary burden, a person tries as long as possible to prolong his pleasure, including prolonging sexual contact.

Premature EjaculationAs mentioned above, there are no clear time intervals from the beginning of penetration of the penis into the vagina and until the time of ejaculation. Each organism is unique in its own way, and in some men, ejaculation occurs already in 1-2 minutes after introduction of the penis into vagina, while in others the process can take longer. If sexual intercourse lasts less than 1 minute, then most often a man does not have time to satisfy a woman, which makes him go to a specialist.

“Silent” Prostatitis – One of the Reasons

There are several, reasons due to which a man loses the ability to control ejaculation. This and all kinds of neuropsychiatric disorders, hormonal disorders, stress, craniocerebral trauma, an anxious expectation of failure in sex and others. If a man had enuresis in his childhood (bedwetting), it is very likely that premature ejaculation is a consequence of such a violation as a syndrome of paracentral lobules – a disease of the nervous system that is quite successfully treatable.

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If the doctor does not find aforementioned violations, and patient at the same time comes without any complaints (except for premature ejaculation), then «silent» prostatitis, which does not yet have symptoms, can be suspected: pain in the groin area and perineum, frequent and difficult urination.

It is known that chronic inflammatory process in prostate gland is often the cause of sexual disorders, such as erectile dysfunction, painful sexual intercourse, and premature ejaculation. This is because the prolonged inflammatory process in prostate eventually spreads to seminal tubercle – section of the prostate gland with many sensitive receptors regulating orgasm.

It is desirable to visit a doctor with such a problem, as premature ejaculation, as soon as possible. If the problem is not eliminated, then, in the course of time, dissatisfaction in intimate life leads to problems in relationships and serious psychological disorders.

Treatment Strategy

Treatment of the problem of early ejaculation should be complex. The most important thing in solving this problem is to determine the cause of the disorder. In this regard, a man needs to be diagnosed with several specialists, preferably working together. Here you need the consultation of a neurologist, examination of hormonal status, and if there is a urogenital infection, it is very likely that there is the chronic inflammatory process in the prostate gland.

Proper treatment of premature ejaculation necessarily includes psychotherapy, which is carried out regardless of causes of the disorder.

When prostatitis is detected in a patient, treatment is aimed at eliminating inflammatory process in the prostate gland. For therapeutic purposes, various methods are used, including medicamentous ones, for example, use of suppositories.

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After eliminating inflammatory process in the prostate gland, the sexual life of the man, as a rule, again normalizes, however, treatment does not end there. A man in the future has to closely monitor his health. An important component of successful treatment of prostatitis is a healthy lifestyle, in particular, correction of nutrition and motor activity of a man.