Simple Tips for a Better Erection

A firm, long erection is considered to be a symbol of a man’s sexuality. Normally a man can get an erection with a sexual stimulation, but sometimes this natural phenomenon gets affected owing to various reasons. These reasons may be physiological as well as psychological. The changing lifestyles and the higher stress levels are amongst the leaders for the psychological reasons for erectile dysfunction in men. And, when it comes to the physiological reasons, it may include health issues like hypertension, liver and kidney problems, diabetes, enlarged prostate or prostate cancer and so on. Though there are various reasons for erectile dysfunction, at the same time there are many ways with which your ED can be improved and cured. Following are some of the factors which may help increase your erection.

How to improve an erection?

Sexual activity

  1. Watch your diet
    Staying healthy is important for a good performance in all spheres, and this includes your performance in bed too. Studies have reflected that the eating habits which may affect your heart by narrowing the blood vessels and thus reducing blood circulation to and from the heart may also impede penis erection. Therefore to stay fit sexually, you need to include lots of fruits, green vegetables, fish, nuts and other foods which are good for your heart’s health.
  2. Watch your weight
    Maintaining a healthy weight plays an important role in maintaining a good erection too. This may prevent you from type 2 diabetes and from nerve damage too. Those who have diabetes, weight control is all the more important to prevent ED due to any nerve damage.
  3. Watch your cholesterol
    As we all know that high cholesterol may cause damage to the blood vessels. This results in decreasing the blood flow in the body parts, including the penis. To increase erection and maintain it too, it requires good blood flow in it through the vessels. Hence keep your cholesterol under control so that your penis gets an uninterrupted blood supply.
  4. Watch your alcohol consumption
    Alcohol consumption, if it goes beyond limits might damage your nerves, which in turn may cause ED in men. In addition to this, excessive drinking may also interfere with your levels of male sex hormone. A decrease in this hormone level causes erection problems. Hence for a long and strong erection, you must check your alcohol consumption.
  5. Watch your exercise schedule
    Aerobic exercises like swimming help increase erection. In your exercise schedule, be careful of including any exercise which creates pressure on the area of the perineum. This is because these exercises may adversely affect the blood supplying nerves in the penile area.
  6. Watch your sex hormone levels
    The male sex hormone testosterone is related to the sex drive and penis erection. But with the growing age, the levels of this hormone start falling. After 45 years of age, men may feel less sex drive, a decrease in stamina and problems in getting and maintaining a long and firm erection. To address this problem, foods and supplements which are helpful in increasing the testosterone levels may be helpful.
    If you still face the problem, then you should consult a doctor and ask him for a testosterone replacement therapy. This therapy can be done through various methods such as injections, tablets, gels and so on.
  7. Canadian ED medicines may help you increase erection
    Erectile dysfunction is quite a common problem in men, and such are the therapies for it. There are so many generic medicines like Viagra, Cialis, Tadalafil etc are easily available both online as well as offline. Most of these have proven to be quite effective in solving the ED issues in men. But, there may be some mild to serious side effects associated with these drugs, and hence they should be taken after having consulted a physician and with a proper prescription. The best part of these medicines is that they start working within an hour of its consumption, and the effect remains in the body till very long.
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Erection and sexual activity, as already has been explained, are more of emotional than a physical aspect. If a man has ED problem, it may affect his self-esteem to a great extent. Therefore, his partner has to play a great role in emotionally supporting him completely. With a change in the lifestyle and a doctor’s guidance, this problem can be sorted easily.