Problems with Sex in Modern Society


People conventionally are divided into 3 categories according to their sexual constitution:

  • weak sexual constitution. Characteristic of men with narrow shoulders, wide hips, breast growth. Women – painful menstruations, narrow shoulders, as well as hips. Need for sex in this group is small;
  • moderate sexual constitution. As for body hair coat at men, it is normal, as well as physique. Need for sex occurs several times a week, which means no occurrence of early impotence and frigidity;
  • strong sexual constitution. Attraction at such people appears early and continues till elderly age. Women and men have a copious genitals hair coat. Men have big broad shoulders and powerful Adam’s apple. Women – wide hips, large breasts, large nipples. The need for sex appears daily.

hyperlibidinousnessMen may perform pseudo-hyperlibidinousness in connection with an imaginary physical defect. Usually, these are men with a defect in appearance, penis deformity or its small size, problems with erection or ejaculation. Mostly these men acquire generic drug Viagra, to be always with a good erection and do not see defects in this.

There is another option when mature man understands that did not have time to realize himself in life. He is trying to compensate this with victories in bed.

Hyperlibidinousness can manifest itself even in constant promiscuous sexual behavior in order to escape from the burden of reality. People simply call it sexaholism. People begin to behave like this usually during creative or age crises, loss of a job. Also, men who have lost interest to their wives are trying to find a way out with a mistress. Thus, such men make themselves believe that they are still capable of performing sex.

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If your libido has suddenly increased, it is a cause for concern. If hormone level is normal after testing, then look for the cause with sexologists or psychologists.

Confidential communication with your doctor will help you find «where the shoe pinches». Do not forget that hyperlibidinousness is not an excuse for lax and reckless behavior, cheating, violence. After all, people are different from animals in that they are able to control their desires.

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Why does Sex Turn into Routine?

Everyone knows that sex is a great pastime that gives benefit and pleasure. But the situation is not always like that in many couples. Often, in many families, sex turns into routine. Let’s look at seven reasons why this happens:

Lack of Kisses
If you have almost ceased to kiss, even before you have sex, it can be assumed that your marriage is doomed. Some men even have a habit of coming home from work and kissing their wives not on the lips but on the forehead. Better kiss on the lips, at least, in the corner of the lips or neck.

If you there is passion between partners, they literally tear each other’s clothes. Sometimes they may delay the process of removing underwear in order to get even more exciting. If there is no such passion in a couple, they take off clothes each by themselves, guided by time-saving reason. And of course, both partners intend to perform intercourse faster to further continue doing their business.

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Improper Environment
What could be worse when in the heat of passion you find under yourself some soft toy? Also, passion won’t be enhanced by things like:

  • socks, scattered around the room;
  • utility bills;
  • documents from work;
  • dishes in the room, etc.

In such cases, even  Viagra will not be able to help! So at least sometimes pay attention to cleaning place where intimacy happens.

It is very hard to feel excitation to permanent partner when his shirt smeared with ketchup or sex occurs after spicy chicken wings with beer or whiskey. And if with a new friend a man runs to the bathroom to rinse his mouth with a freshener or brush his teeth, with his wife he doesn’t do that, even on holidays. But how to exclude these aspects of everyday life from intimacy when they are in sight and it is simply impossible to catch the right mood.

There are neighbors with whom you often come across in the elevator when you go to work. There are children in the bedroom, whose delicate psyche shouldn’t be hurt. There are mothers-in-law, grandchildren, nephews that are asleep behind the wall. But do not think that sexual intercourse occurs only physically. No, it is not. There is also a psychological aspect. And spouses can often forget about it, and sex just turns into a job.

pasionRoutine Talks after Sex
Worst of all is when immediately after pleasure, the conversation about domestic issues begins. If this happens already, then sex is unlikely to be remembered, no matter how passionate it was

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