Weight Loss for Treating Erectile Dysfunction

Millions of men all over the world suffer from erectile dysfunction. While this is a major problem, there are now ED treatments available to help men regain their sexual function. However, a recent study from Italy has discovered that the solution to ED problems can be much easier than taking ED medications. The solution is weight loss.

The most popular of all ED treatments is Viagra, without a doubt. After all, it was the first of the ED medications available in the market these days. It is certainly very effective. It is also easily available in online pharmacies. At the same time, it has increased the interest in the research and study of erectile dysfunction. The Italian study is one of the results of this interest.

What Did the Study Show?

The study involved the participation of 110 men suffering from obesity as well as erectile dysfunction. Their ages ranged from 35 to 55. These men were made to undergo a program of eating healthy diets and exercise. This was meant to help them to lose at least 10% of their body weight.

The study took place over the course of two years. At the end of this time period, the group of men had lost 33 pounds on average. They had also become more active physically. Around one-third of the men saw that their sexual function had improved significantly.

There have been studies done previously on the links between weight and erectile dysfunction. Those studies showed that the risks of ED were lower for men who remained physically active and had a normal weight. Be that as it may, the Italian study focused exclusively on the men suffering from obesity.

According to the results of the study, obese men can benefit greatly by losing weight. Doing so can be beneficial for their ED treatments.

Psychological Effect of Weight Loss in ED Treatments

The Connection between Weight and Erectile Dysfunction

As per estimates, four out of every five men suffering from ED will have a BMI that is greater than 25. As per the findings of the researchers, obese men who have a BMI of 28.7 will be 30% more likely to develop ED than men whose weight is in the normal range.

Apart from erectile dysfunction, obesity can increase the risk for and lead to a number of diseases. Some of them are given below.

More importantly, obesity shares a number of causative factors with erectile dysfunction including the ones given above. As a result, it is possible to reduce these risks or even eliminate them by reducing weight.

The Psychological Effect of Weight Loss in ED Treatments

The psychological effect of losing weight is often overlooked. However, it can play a role in treating erectile dysfunction. By losing weight, you can start to feel more positive about yourself. You will enjoy a better body image and more confidence. This psychological boost can be helpful for your sexual performance. Moreover, psychology also plays a role in ED. Therefore, your ED treatments will start to become more effective as you lose weight.

Oral Medications for Treating ED

Using Oral Medications for Treating ED

Among all the ED treatments available, oral medications happen to be the most popular. They are effective in treating the condition with a high success rate. They are easy to use as well. After all, they simply involve taking a pill sometime before indulging in sex. Moreover, they can be easily bought through our website.

On the other hand, side effects are possible even though they are rare. A doctor will examine you for any potential side effects that you are at risk for. If the potential side effects are too serious, the doctor will help you search for an alternative treatment or advise a penile implant surgery.

Other ED Treatments

There are other treatments available for ED in case oral medications are unsuitable or ineffective for you. Here are some of the possible options that you can try out.

  • Injections;
  • Suppositories;
  • Vacuum pumps;
  • Penile implants

Whatever be your choice of treatment, it is always safer to get a doctor to help you. This will help reduce the chances of side effects or improper treatment. If you are obese, you should try losing some weight as well to improve the results.