Penis Enlargement and VPXL

The small penis may become a physical and psychological problem, and the question of how to increase the penis becomes the main one. Today there are plenty of penis enlargement methods, but not all of them are safe and effective for basic functions of this organ – erection, ejaculation and complete enjoyment. So how to increase penis without harming your health?

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Methods of Penis Enlargement

Men tried to lengthen their genital organ since ancient times because the large penis is associated with strong and prolific man. They hung weights on the penis during adolescence so that it became larger in maturity. The effect was not very pronounced, besides, such methods were extremely uncomfortable and traumatic.

Today, medicine has progressed and can offer men with a small penis many ways to deal with this problem. These are conservative methods of lengthening and thickening the penis, as well as surgical – more radical.

penis enlatgement

Enlarging the Penis without Surgery

Non-surgical methods include vacuum and traction (stretching) methods of penis enlargement, in fact, it is a long-term exercise.

The use of conservative methods gives effect during long-term exercises and regular use of devices. However, it’s idle to expect that the organ will be increased by 8 – 10 cm, even surgery is not able to perform such miracle. These techniques we can give result in about 1 – 3 cm at best. In this case, long time, persistence and patience in achieving goals are required.

Vacuum devices function according to the principle of changes in the organ tissues blood flow by creating a vacuum. It redistributes blood inside the penis and its size increases. This method helps in increasing its thickness, but not length results are not strongly expressed, only 1 – 2 cm.

Devices for penis tissues outer stretching, or extenders, represent a special structure, which at regular long-term training can lead to gradual penis tissues stretching and its length increasing by 1,5 – 3 cm. But doctors claim that this method is much more effective after surgical penis size correction.

Nowadays, there is another non-surgical method of the penis enlargement – medicamental. More and more popularity gains such preparation as VPXL. There many controversial VPXL reviews and comments on its effectiveness as it is relatively new on the pharmaceutical market.

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What is VPXL?

VPXLVPXL from Canadian Pharmacy is safe because it contains only natural herbal ingredients that help to enlarge the penis. Note that this preparation can also be applied to the circumcised organ. This drug is a unique mixture of completely natural ingredients. Taking this remedy, you will note changes after 4 weeks: the penis increases in length by up to 2,5 cm, but for best results, it is recommended to use for six months.

VPXL is a great means and you will feel effect during the first month of application. After 30 days you will notice a slight increase in the penis by 1,3 cm. The most important thing that this medicine stimulates patients sexual desire, enhances erection and allows to get more pleasure from sex.

During the second month of application, the organ enlarges by 2,5 cm in length and 5% in width. Third and fourth months – the penis is lengthened by 7,6 cm and 10% in width.

During last two months, you will observe noticeable changes in the penis size. It is expected to increase by 10 cm in length and 20% in width. It is worth noting that patient will feel beneficial effects of VPXL over entire treatment course.

Mechanism of action

VPXL increases cavernous body volume by stimulating its blood flow and causing more intense and prolonged erections. This drug contributes to cavernous body cells growth. The drug is in great demand because it provides reliable results. Besides, it is 100% natural and has no known side effects. Keep in mind that the effect of this preparation is permanent. For the best results, it is recommended to take two pills a day after meal.


VPXL contains the following ingredients:

  1. Albizzia Lebbeck;
  2. Argyrerin Speciosa Seed;
  3. Asteracantha Longifolia;
  4. Mucuna Pruriens;
  5. Pueraria Tuberose;
  6. Tribulus Terrestris;
  7. Valeriana Wallichii;
  8. Withania Somnifera.

The list above clearly shows that VPXL formula contains some unfamiliar ingredients. Although there are also some that are well-known and commonly used.

  • Albizzia Lebbeck – is said to have antifertility effects and now is tested on that issue.
  • Argyrerin Speciosa – is also an Indian herbal extract which generates some quite unbelievable results.
  • Asteracantha Longifolia – positively effect urogenital system.
  • Mucuna Pruriens – enhances libido and some people claim that it may be applied as a natural antidepressant.
  • Pueraria Tuberose – is actually a tonic for headaches, popular in India; some also say it is a natural aphrodisiac.
  • Tribulus Terrestris – is very popular and has testosterone level increasing effect by elevating LH hormone level.
  • Valeriana Wallichii – used in Ayurvedic therapy to treat insomnia and behavioral disorders.
  • Withania Somnifera – restores main body functions and even help to relieve arthritis symptoms.
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Important Information about VPXL

Despite the fact that this preparation is safe, it is important to never double dosage. If for any reason you missed the next dose, take it as soon as possible. This tool has no side effects or contraindications, but it is best to consult a doctor. Once again we draw your attention to the fact that to obtain good results, VPXL should be applied for four months. If strictly follow doctor’s recommendations, the perfect result will come sooner than you think.

Unfortunately, there is no specialized VPXL pharmacy at present, but our online pharmacy provides this medication for free access. We work directly with manufacturers and guarantee quality and safety. Besides, our product list has many other related products not only for the penis enlargement but also for erectile dysfunction improvement and other diseases treatment.

Surgical Intervention

For an aesthetic purpose, the penis lengthening and thickening, surgeries are conducted for not so long, but it was long ago possible to enlarge the organ by means of surgery on various genital sphere problems.

Today surgery may be indicated by the only desire to make the penis bigger. This is especially important, given that mainly mature man, who has a whole set of complexes caused by discomfort in intimate sphere, seek for surgical service.

Nowadays there are possible lots of surgery variants on lengthening or thickening the organ, correcting erection problems and combinations of these types.

Doctors determine socio-psychological (dressing room syndrome, problems in sexual life, low self-esteem) and physiological, anatomical reasons for the penis correction.

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penis enlatgement

Other Penis Correction Methods

Doctors when consulting patients always tell about all ways to enlarge the penis. When choosing a surgical method to remember: it is a full-fledged surgery with indications and contraindications. It is followed by a long recovery period and is not always result is significant. Sometimes it is impossible to achieve a strongly expressed penis enlargement even by means of surgery due to the anatomical specifics of the body.

The main type of surgery, which is carried out with the aim of the penis lengthening is Long surgery or ligamentotomy. Doctors transect special ligament, that sustains the intimate organ, at deep arteries cavernous body entry level. After this transaction, the penis is fixed in a new position, which allows extension up to 4 – 5 cm. Today many access options during this surgery are developed, and its details are worked out with each patient individually.

Corporotomy surgery is a special prosthesis of greater length implantation with penile albugineous coat transaction. This allows the penis enlargement by a few centimeters.

Perovic surgery is uncoupling operation with complete separation of the cavernous bodies from the balanus and implantation of special cartilaginous implants between the balanus and cavernous bodies. In this case, urethra and neurovascular bundles are stretched due to natural elasticity. On average, this method allows to add up to 3 – 5 cm to the penis length.

There are other surgery modifications, but the greatest difficulty, while conducting them, is to maintain normal erectile function. Complex operations are fraught with the fact that they can lead to nerves sensitivity violation and blood circulation problems, and as a result of erectile, urinary and reproductive functions disorders.

To achieve positive results in the penis enlargement matter, it is necessary to be treated and supervised by experienced urologist-andrologist. Any self-medication or «self-made inventions» in such an intimate sphere are simply unacceptable.