Herbs That Cure Erectile Dysfunction

With the changing lifestyles and other factors, we have become venerable to many major and minor health issues and erectile dysfunction is one of them. ED is known to be a situation when a man feels unable to achieve or maintain an erection hard enough for having a satisfying sexual activity. This inability of getting an erection may be related to other complex health issues which may include heart problems like angina, hypertension, etc, or kidney or liver functioning issues, or any neuro problem etc. Since erectile dysfunction is one such health problem which may have some serious psychological as well as physical impact. It may affect a man’s self-esteem and also his relations with his partner. But ED is also one such problem which can be improved and cured with certain herbs and natural remedies. Yes, there are certain herbs for ED which have been proven quite effective in treating the problem.

Herbs That Increase Potency

  • Red Ginseng for ED
    When it comes to ED treatment, red ginseng is the first thing that comes to the mind. It mainly grows in Southeastern parts of Asia, especially in China and Korea. The roots of the ginseng plant, having a minimum of 5 years age, have been used by men for getting that desired masculinity since ages. Besides curing impotence, it also helps in boosting the general immunity, heart functioning, and energy levels.
  • Schisandra
    Schindra is another herb, which has been extensively used in China and other eastern countries for ED issues. It is said to improve sexual power and endurance and also eliminate sexual fatigue. It works by relaxing the body, improving blood circulation and strengthening the sexual organs, thus enhancing the overall sexual performance.
  • DHEA
    It is a naturally produced hormone called Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). Studies have stated that DHEA can be used as a safe herbal treatment for ED. Though it is a naturally produced hormone, it can also be extracted from soy and yam.
  • L-arginine
    Found mainly in fish, red meat, and many dairy products, L-arginine is a natural amino acid. It acts favorably by expanding the blood vessels. This results in increased blood flow, thus helping in getting a hard erection. In some cases, it may cause some symptoms like nausea, stomach ache etc. It is advisable to avoid taking it with any nitrate supplement.
  • Pomegranate
    Pomegranate juice or its extract is known for being super rich in healthy nutrients. Besides other health benefits, this fruit can also help in making the arteries expand, thus improving blood circulation. This increased blood flow results in increased sexual endurance and performance.
  • Rhodiola Rosea
     Also called the “golden root,” Rhodiola Rosea is used to enhance endurance and sexual performance. Russian health professionals have been using this herb for ED treatment for decades. This root is said to ease symptoms of ED and fatigue. The best part about this herb is that it has the least side effects as compared to other treatments for ED.
  • Yohimbe
    Yohimbe is a herbal solution which is an extract of the bark of the tree having the same name. for ED. The studies have shown its effectiveness in improving ED symptoms, but it may have some side effects in certain cases.These days, with the advancement in medicine, the herbs for ED treatments are also available in medicated forms likes pills and capsules etc. So, men from any part of the world can avail their benefits, whether the herb grows in his country or not. But be careful to buy it only from a reputed pharmacy, be it online or offline. This will ensure a quality product.
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Some important suggestions

Though these herbs for ED treatment can be really effective, still there may be some chances of side effects, especially in those who are undergoing some medical treatment, as the ingredients of these herbs may interact with your drugs in an unfavorable manner. That is why consulting your physician before you start with any medication is important to avoid any future complications.

Also, remember that sexual activity is not only a physical indulgence, it also requires emotional involvement. Therefore, a partner’s support also works wonders in improving a man’s erection issues.