Connection between Prostate and ED

Erectile Dysfunction or which is often referred to as impotence, is the inability to get an erection or maintain it for a satisfactory sex act. This problem is not an uncommon problem and the studies show that around 110 million men are facing erection issues. There is no particular cause for ED. This may occur due to various reasons which may include physical as well as emotional issues.

Though ED has always been linked with psychogenic reasons, the fact is that only 25% such cases have this factor a reason for their reproductive function problem. Besides the emotional factors, this disorder may be caused due to various health issues like heart problem, hypertension, diabetes (, kidney problem, prostate cancer and so on. If your ED is related to any of the above-mentioned issues, then there is no need to lose hope, as this can be treated effectively with proper medical care.


How Does Prostate Disease Cause ED?

Though prostate has no role to play in making an erection, yet prostate problems like its enlargement or prostate cancer may affect your erection. Sometimes, men having urinary tract problem may also suffer inability in getting an erection. Studies have stated that there is a relation between enlarged prostate symptoms in men and erectile dysfunction. Here are some prostate issues which may hamper your sexual life.

Enlarged Prostate and erectile dysfunction – Prostate has a great role in squeezing the fluid ahead when sperms move ahead during sexual intercourse. But, when the prostate gland gets enlarged which is also called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), it presses against the urethra causing urination problem, which further makes it shrink down, and in turn results into erectile dysfunction. To relieve this problem of BPH, a surgery TURP is often performed. Many men experience dry orgasm or impotence as an after effect of this surgical procedure.

Besides the TURP, some medications used for BPH treatment may also cause this unpleasant disorder. This is because these patients are usually given alpha blockers to help their prostate muscles and bladder to relax. These alpha blockers may adversely affect erection and ejaculation.

Prostate Cancer – Men undergoing prostate cancer treatment may experience ED. These treatments may include:

  • prostate removal surgery;
  • radiation therapy;
  • hormone treatment.

This video makes you aware you about hormonal therapy methods for prostate cancer treatment.

No matter how much care has been given during the surgery or the radiation therapy, majority of men undergoing cancer treatment do experience erection problem, especially during the initial months post treatment. The reason behind this is that the nerves in the penile region become very delicate and unable to form a firm erection. However, with the passage of time and a better management of ED, things get improved.

Treatment Options

During and after the prostate cancer men feel a low desire for sex. This is due to the drugs and the hormone therapy for the treatment. But, there are certain ways which may help you deal with your ED post prostate cancer treatment. In this case, one may consult the doctor for a counter drug which may improve the libido.

ED with prostate problems

Some of the prescribed treatments for erectile dysfunction may include the following:

  1. Oral medications:
    In most cases of ED, doctors advice the patients to take oral medications like Viagra, Cialis etc. These pills enhance blood flow in your penile area, thus helping you get a firm erection. They usually show there effect after the half to one hour of taking them. A little sexual stimulation with these medications will help a great bit in giving you and your partner the desired pleasure.
  2. Penile injections:
    With the penile injects or shots, you may get an erection as soon as in 10-15 minutes. These shots also work by increasing the blood flow in the penile region, thus making the penis erect. Your doctor would be able to teach you as for how to take these injections.
  3. Vacuum pumps:
    Vacuum pumps are another aid for helping men with such a problem. These pumps are placed on the penis and then the air is sucked out, which draws more blood into the penis making it erect. Then, to maintain this erection a ring is put the base of the penis.
  4. Penile implants:
    In case nothing works for you, then you may consult a doctor for penile implants. These implants may be inserted in your penis through a minor surgery process which will make you get a good erection when you want it.

With the above mentioned methods, you may lead a satisfactory sex life even with your prostate and ED problems.