Why’re Penile Implants so Widely Used?

A penile implant is among the oldest efficient therapies for erectile dysfunction (ED). It is a clinical device that is surgically inserted into the corpora cavernosa of the penis, which in hand, provides a high level of partner and patient satisfaction compared to all other treatment methods.

My Canadian Pharmacy provides all kinds of medications to treat ED such as Viagra and its cousins, Cialis and Levitra. However, many men cannot use the ED drugs or these drugs aren’t effective for them, as well as some treatments that look as if they eliminating spontaneity and not satisfying enough, such as injections, vacuum erection devices and penile band. Thus, resolving to the penile implant would be a great option, for that using it will enable men to get an erection at any time and maintain it for as long as they desire which creates more spontaneity and satisfaction.

Penile Implants

Why You Should Consider Penile Implants

Studies have shown that most men are satisfied with the results of using the penile implant. They reported that it helps them with having better self-esteem, confidence, more positive emotions and increased male identity. They also reported having a better sexual function, vaginal penetration, sexual desire and giving more pleasure to the partner. My Canadian Pharmacy recommends a penile implant for various reasons such as:

  • A high rate of satisfaction: Studies show that 93.8% of male participants were completely or moderately satisfied with the implant option, which is way higher rate than other options such as Viagra with a 51.6% rate and injection treatment with 40.9%.
  • Spontaneity and invisibility: No one can notice the penile implant since it’s completely placed inside your body. Therefore, no one can see it or know about it unless you told them
  • Short recovery time: It differs from one man to another, but usually the recovery time after doing the surgery is 4 to 6 weeks. Once recovery time is over, you can enjoy sex the way you like.
  • Insurance coverage: Since the penile implant is prescribed by a physician, they are usually covered by the insurance plans, and even the medical care is included.

My Canadian Pharmacy supports the use of penile implants as a treatment to deliver various benefits for men with erectile dysfunction.

Penile Pump

Factors to consider to know which implant is the best for you

To get the best results out of the implant, you need to choose the best-suited manufacturer/device for you. Combining those variables to get the best combination will ensure the satisfaction of the patient. So knowledge about those variables is needed, and here are some important variables to consider:

  • the age of patient and partner preference to the penile implant.
  • the general penile size.
  • the ratio between pendulous and crus (buried) penis.
  • the ration between the size of the scrotum and penile length
  • size of the scrotum
  • glans penis size
  • history of an already done implant.
  • presence of Peyronie’s disease.
  • any previous abdominal operations (prostate, colon and bladder).
  • type of an already done abdominal surgery (laparoscopy or robot vs open)
  • presence of ileal conduit, colostomy or neo-bladder.
  • history of a major pelvic surgery or the kidney transplant.
  • absence or presence of the penile fibrosis or curvature.
  • blood type.
  • the prominent supra-pubic fat pad presence.
  • life expectancy.
  • the general health of the patient.

If you want to get more information about penile implant read the article – http://www.washington.edu/urology/penile-prosthesis/.

Get the Right Help

One of the reasons of why men are so secretive when it comes to the struggle with erectile dysfunction is their thinking that the ED is obligatory as they age. However, that is not true. In fact, getting older may mean handling back pain and hearing issues, but you don’t have to suffer from ED. There is a solution even if your erectile dysfunction is due to diabetes, heart disorders, cancer therapy or neurological disorders. In any case, you need to find a doctor who is specialized in helping men with ED. And that is the way to regain control of your sexual healthy life. The sooner you act the better it is since the results for the implant are satisfying than any other method.