Lopimune (Lopinavir and Ritonavir) for HIV Treatment

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What is Lopimune?

Lopimune is prescribed as an oral drug main structure of which is Lopinavir and Ritonavir. The main assignment is infections of Human Immunodeficiency Virus treatment. This drug is included in drugs’ group known as protease inhibitors. Although Lopimune becomes an inactivator of HIV virus.

In fact, this drug is effective against HIV because its combined formula is devoted to blocking virus of HIV. When caught HIV, this virus reproduces in body’s cells. In this case, HIV is oversold among new cells that body replicates permanently. During viruses replicating, new proteins for the viruses fight are created. Such proteins are subdivided into two types:
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  • structural proteins, that compose virus body;
  • enzymes which create DNA and other elements for the new viruses.

Protease is proved to be an enzyme that shapes the new structural proteins and enzymes. As a result, Lopimune becomes a blocker of protease effect and tries to arrest in deteriorating viruses formation that is incapable to penetrate the body’s cells with infection. As a result, the number of viruses in the body reduces.

Dosage for Adults Patients

  • the capsules should be taken in dosage of 400/100 mg twice per day.
  • the capsules in a dosage of 800/200 mg should be applied once a day in patients with less than three Lopinavir resistance-related substitutions.
  • it should not be taken once daily with carbamazepine, phenobarbital, or phenytoin but is combinable with Efavirenz, Nevirapine, or Nelfinavir.
  • A dose adjustment exactly its leveling up is prescribed for all patients who administer the pills. The recommended dose is 500/125 mg twice a day in combination with Efavirenz, Nevirapine, or Nelfinavir.
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