Assortment Renewal

This category announces about new medications sold online.

Assortment Renewal: Nitroglycerin is Now Available at My Canadian Pharmacy!

My Canadian Pharmacy is glad to announce assortment renewal with Nitroglycerin, which is considered one of the most effective medications for stenocardia, which has been successfully used for many decades, and doctors all over the world continue to prescribe the medicine to a wide range of patients with coronary heart disease. Nitroglycerin effects The drug has a very fast effect, so it is indispensable in

Cut in Prices for Canadian Pharmacy Careprost and Vytorin

Good news for those who wish to save as much money as possible! My Canadian Pharmacy decided to make a present for its female customers and cut prices for Careprost preparation! Careprost is a generic used for to make eyelashes longer, thicker and darker. Now all fashion ladies can realize their dream to have long, thick and most importantly natural eyelashes at a ridiculous price!

Assortment Renewal – Forxiga (Dapagliflozin)

My Canadian Pharmacy is happy to announce that products list has been renewed! Now we can offer our clients one more remedy for diabetes treatment – Forxiga (Dapagliflozin). This new means help to effectively treat diabetes type 2. It lower blood sure level to normal, removing excess sure with urine! Try new Forxiga (Dapagliflozin) right now at attractive price from My Canadian Pharmacy – the

Again and Again – Assorment Renewal

New Price on Generic Viagra! Hurry up and make an order. Moreover you may get discount using My Canadian Pharmacy Coupon Code! Generic Viagra is a new opportunity to restore sexual life and erectile function in general. Arrange an order and get Generic Viagra with a new price! New medications available: Novosil – Viagra Oral Strips, Tadalia – Cialis Oral Strips – everything you need is

New Dosages Available at My Canadian Pharmacy!

Good news! My Canadian Pharmacy is glad to announce we have new dosages available for you! The intensified effect of the drug due to increased dosage will easily cope with your asthma and ED problems! The reduced dosage is a good solution too! Now you will not have to break the tablet into pieces to take the required dosage. My Canadian Pharmacy is trying to make

Assortment Renewal: Levitra 100 mg

My Canadian Pharmacy presents you Levitra drug, available in 100 mg dosage again. In mechanism of action Canadian Pharmacy Levitra 100 mg is almost identical to famous Viagra, while it differs in higher efficiency and less restrictions for reception. If contraindications and need for additional erectile function stimulation are absent, buying generic Levitra 100 mg will definitely be a good solution. Canadian Levitra recommended initial

Assortment Renewal: Viagra Professional 50 mg

My Canadian Pharmacy Viagra Professional 50 mg is an advanced product based on sildenafil for erectile dysfunction treatment. It proved itself in ED treatment of psychological type. Each pill contains 50 mg of sildenafil, which is the optimal dose for any man. Canadian Viagra Professional 50 mg advantage is that it works longer than ordinary Viagra pills. This product application is no different from any

Assortment Renewal: Synthroid 150 mcg

My Canadian Pharmacy offers you a new drugs in its assortment – Synthroid 150 mcg. This drug is one of the most used preparations of thyroid hormones in clinical practice. Canadian Pharmacy Synthroid 150 mcg is a laevogyratory synthetic thyroxine isomer, which has an anabolic effect (enhancing protein production). Average dosage of the drug stimulates growth and development, increases tissues and organs need for oxygen,

Renewal of Canadian Pharmacy Assortment: Topamax 240 pills/100 mg, 180 pills/150 mg, 180 pills/25 mg

My Canadian Pharmacy announces assortment renewal! Canadian Topamax in new packages of 240 pills/100 mg, 180 pills/50 mg and 180 pills/25 mg. Buy Topamax in necessary amount online right now at favourable terms. Never ever was this drug sold at such an attractive price! Canadian Pharmacy Topamax is an antiepileptic drug of unusual structure, which is fructose derivative. Moreover, it is also effective as antimaniac

Assortment Renewal: Clonidine 240 pills

Assortment renewal in My Canadian Pharmacy – Clonidine 240 pills/0,1 mg patch! Now you may obtain even more product at incredibly low price. Order Clonidine 240 pills pack online right now and get opportunity to safe money without losing drug quality! My Canadian Pharmacy Clonidine is a antihypertensive agent of central action. It is indications are: for systemic use: arterial hypertension (including secondary hypertension of