Assortment Renewal: Levitra 100 mg

We present you Levitra available in 100 mg dosage again.

The action of this drug is almost identical to famous Viagra, while it differs in higher efficiency and fewer restrictions for the reception. If contraindications and need for additional erectile function stimulation are absent, buying Levitra 100 mg will definitely be a good solution.

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The recommended dosage of Levitra is 10 mg 25 – 60 minutes before sexual intercourse once a day. For effective sexual stimulation is required.

The drug is allowed to be taken with alcohol and fatty foods, the effect is maintained for about eight hours.

Special instructions:

  • Due to the fact that sexual activity is associated with a certain degree of current cardiac diseases exacerbations before using the drug, it is necessary to evaluate patient’s CCC condition.
  • During treatment period driving a car and other potentially hazardous activities that require high concentration and psychomotor speed reactions are not recommended.