Meldonium – Canadian Pharmacy New Preparation

After the unfavorable news and reports about Meldonium, My Canadian Pharmacy has not been terrified to add this preparation in the assortment. This preparation has gained a reputation for effective preparation and it doesn’t mean that it becomes ineffective because of scandal around sportsmen taking it as a doping.

It is known that thanks to the unique mechanism of influence, Meldonium, depending on the appointed dose, is applied not only as a treatment of different cardiovascular diseases but also to increase in working capacity at healthy people at physical and intellectual overworks. How it occurs, one of the inventors of Meldonium – professor Ivar Kalvinsh has told.

There are frequently asked questions about this preparation. Let’s grapple with them trying to understand how it influences the man’s organism.

What about the Action of the Preparation – Meldonium?

Meldonium allows an organism to use more rationally its own natural resources to make more energy. It helps the patient to recover, and be healthy; athletes with its help without consequences cope with great physical and students and businessmen – with intellectual loading and stress. My Canadian Pharmacy has in its assortment this drug at different dosages and amount of pills, you may make an order right now.

Does Meldonium Promote Stress Decrease and Working Capacity increase?

Meldonium is a medicine by means of which it is possible to regulate reaction of an organism for stress and to prevent the influence of negative consequences of stress. Why is it so important? The small and regular stress stimulates abilities of the person to adapt or get used to adverse environmental conditions. It is the so-called training loading. If the intensity of stress is too great or if it repeats too often, adaptive systems of an organism can’t provide such response which wouldn’t harm the person.

The stress can lead to the expressed organism resource depletion concerning the synthesis of the substances participating in energy production process and also to provoke ischemia. As a consequence of it, cells can’t produce energy anymore and perish.

Oxygen hunger leads also to dying off of brain cells. When oxygen supply is resumed, in an organism there is the return reaction, active forms of oxygen, the so-called free radicals which cause the death of cells are produced.

It is necessary to remember that the brain consumes at least 40% of all oxygen and a lot of glucose which is made in an organism or is accepted with food. The brain is most sensitive to oxygen starvation and most of all – to a lack of energy as it doesn’t make energy from fats, and uses glucose. At the moments of frustration and stress, the brain consumes more energy, in blood circulation of brain glucose level falls, and the person is at once hungry.
If it is impossible to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood, the only way to help a cell to survive is a rational use of already available resources. It also does Meldonium helps to optimize an oxygen consumption in an organism that cells could make necessary energy with a smaller amount of oxygen.

When using Meldonium, the transport mechanism of glucose, therefore, there is enough also smaller concentration of glucose which is activated to supply the brain with energy.

Does Meldonium Help Athletes?

All athletes during trainings to competition can apply Meldonium. Also, Meldonium is recommended to take by climbers better to transfer oxygen hunger in mountain conditions. I want to emphasize that Meldonium was highly appreciated by representatives of many sports as this medication helps an organism not only to adapt to very big loadings but also to be restored quicker. Meldonium has not been considered a dope but recently it has been added in the List of Prohibited Medications and Methods.