How Does Hypovitaminosis Develop?

Hypovitaminosis develops when vitamins consumption exceeds the amount of biologically active substances coming to an organism. Vitamins play important role in a splitting of nutritious and mineral substances and energy release from them therefore at the deficiency of certain vitamin components at the person the health because of pathological dysfunction of organs and systems considerably worsens.

Considering achievements of modern medicine, hypovitaminosis proceeds in a rather easy form today and without effort will respond to treatment. However if timely not to solve a problem, because of a partial deficiency of vitamins B avitaminosis develops, lack of vitamins of a certain group which can cause not only disability development but a lethal outcome of the person. Not to lead to such severe ramifications it is necessary to use the service of My Canadian Pharmacy to purchase the necessary drugs and vitamins for hypervitaminosis overcoming.

Risk Factors Leading to the Hypovitaminosis

Hypovitaminosis DevelopmentThe first place in case of hypovitaminosis appearance is taken by nutritional deficiency. Here under what conditions it may develop:

  • a poor concentration of vitamins B to food which this or that person got used to eating;
  • long and wrong storage of food, their wrong culinary processing owing to what there is a destruction of vitamin substances;
  • an unbalanced chemical composition of the diet.

Also, the following reasons can lead to an acute hypervitaminosis:

  • long reception of antibacterial preparations;
  • chemotherapy;
  • the gastrointestinal tract diseases connected with the impossibility of full absorption of vitamins B in the food channel and also with pathologies of a vitamins exchange;
  • adolescent age, pregnancy and lactation period.

Symptoms of Hypervitaminosis

Initial symptoms of disease don’t cause fears but can become a serious problem if to go to seed and to treat hypovitaminosis.

Enough vitamins of group A is of great importance for adequate perception eyes of visual information. Deficiency of these substances undermines immunity of the person and negatively affects a condition of his skin. Painful wounds in mouth corners of which quickly not to get rid become the first “call” saying that the organism desperately needs vitamins. If a complication of a state sight continues to worsen, the night blindness develops (sharp decrease in visual acuity in a night-time).

The group of vitamins B has a direct influence on many aspects of our health. Deficiency of these active agents results in mental unbalance, diseases of skin and weakening of hair, difficulties of pre-natal development of the child, diseases of joints, gastrointestinal tract dysfunction, attention and memory impairment, anemia.

The lack of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is expressed by a decrease in protective forces of an organism, frequent colds, chronic fatigue. At situation aggravation, people come across with bleedings from nose and ulcers in the mouth (scurvy). We have a wide range of vitamins to treat hypervitaminosis. Each vitamin has a complete description to ease your choice.