Top 7 Products Reducing Stress

StressStress is the condition of the increased tension of organism as a protective reaction to various adverse factors (hunger, cold, physical or mental injuries, etc.). but there are different ways to reduce stress and enjoy the life. The majority of scientists points out that nutrition may increase tolerance to stress but there are special tranquillizers sold by My Canadian Pharmacy which may also reduce stress level and its negative influence.

Products Reducing Stress

The food can influence stress in different ways. For example, porridge increases serotonin level and as a result, it has calming effect on brain. Other products lower the level of so-called hormones of stress known as cortisol and adrenaline. Healthy food can resist influencing stress due to immune system strengthening and arterial pressure lowering.

Complex Carbohydrate

Any carbohydrates promote serotonin production. For this hormone to be formed constantly, it is recommended to choose food with the content of complex carbohydrates which are digested slowly. Products containing whole grain are rich in complex carbohydrates: bread, pasta, oat flakes. The combination of complex carbohydrates will help to feel counterbalanced also thanks to the stabilization of sugar level in blood.

Simple carbohydrates

Nutritionists recommend limiting the use of sweet products and carbonated drinks as they contain a large number of simple carbohydrates. Simple sugar is quickly acquired by an organism that leads to a splash of serotonin and the subsequent fast, but not the long-term elimination of nervous tension. So it isn’t necessary to make a habit at stress removal.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C reduces the level of stress hormones and at the same time strengthens the immune system. The research conducted with the participation of people suffering from the increased arterial pressure showed that vitamin C intake before stressful situation promotes fast return to arterial pressure norm and cortisol level as the stress hormone. Oranges, blackcurrant, sea-buckthorn, pepper are rich in vitamin C.

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Fatty fish

Fatty fish contains omega-3 fatty acids which prevent splashes in stress hormones and protect from heart disorders, depressions and changes of mood at premenstrual syndrome. For good health try to use two times a week at least on 80 grams of such fatty fish as a salmon or a tuna.

Black Tea

Black tea helps to get rid a stressful state quicker. In one research there were compared people who drank four cups of tea in a day within six weeks, with people who drank other drink. Those who had tea, felt more quietly, even after stressful situations.


One of the best ways to normalize the increased arterial pressure is products with the high content of potassium. In one avocado it is much more potassium, than, for example, in banana of the average size. Also avocado can become alternative in case you want to eat something fat. In this fruit, the high level of fats and calories contains, therefore, it can serve as a replacement for fried meat piece.

Fresh Vegetables

Active chewing of farm fresh vegetables, for example, a celery or carrots, will help to get rid of stress purely mechanically due to the removal of tension from jaws. Besides, it is quite a good way to clear interdental intervals of the food remains.

There are also other products reducing stress and increasing tolerance to stress. Be attentive to this state because stress badly influences our health condition.