Diflucan for Treating Yeast Infection

Diflucan is a drug of antifungal action for a yeast infection (candidiasis) of different types treatment. Vaginal candidiasis is an infection caused by yeast-like fungi of Candidas class. The disease may infect anyone – from babies to elderly people. Man or woman, it does not matter, each can be an index case or suffer from this unpleasant in its symptoms disease. It is important to identify yeast infection on early stages to prevent it from spreading throughout the body, affecting mucous membranes of any other organs.

Focal yeast infection onset usually appears in vaginal and intestines lining, gastrointestinal organs. Modern medicine provides a large number of antifungal drugs to help to cope with candidiasis (yeast infection) at any stage, but it is better to treat yeast infection at the initial stage of development. In this article, we will consider one of the most popular, low-cost, efficient and safe preparations for the moment – Diflucan which is available in pills, capsules, solution, ointment.

Diflucan for Yeast Infection: Reviews, Application

yeast infection
Diflucan is a broad-spectrum medication, applied for yeast infection in genitals, mouth, skin and gastrointestinal tract. Since 1990, this drug has well established itself in medical practice, including in France, where it was created. It affects many types of infectious fungi. Its active substance is fluconazole.

Without such support and important components as magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide, cornstarch and lactose it would be not so effective and wouldn’t be used so extensively in Candida yeast infections treatment. With enough advertising on mass media and other sources of information, people keep asking one and the same question. Is one pill or capsule able to treat yeast infections quickly and without negative side effects?

The fact is that Diflucan is a very strong selective inhibitor, which synthesizes sterols in cells where yeast-like fungi colonies have «settled» and by its action inhibits their growth, prevent their further active development. The drug is different from its «brothers» of antifungal action in strongly directed penetration into fungus cells membrane, providing suppressing and local action on destroying fungi.

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Diflucan for Female Genitals Yeast Infection

Diflucan, as well as any medical drug, has its own characteristics. One of its positive features is fast absorption into stomach walls, intestines, gastrointestinal tract organs and rapid action in affected areas, where fungal infections actively multiply. The drug is fast immobilization, suppression, destruction localizer of yeast fungi Candida class.

Regardless of how you apply medication – orally (pills and capsules) or intravenously (injection) – its maximal concentration in blood is reached within 30 min to 2 h.

Increased drug effectiveness is connected with the fact that it interacts well, even if you have diseases:

  • endemic mycosis;
  • endemic mycosis at generalized candidiasis;
  • opportunistic mycosis.

Diflucan is effective for balanitis in men and yeast infections in women due to the fact that it is more often prescribed by a doctor for acute administration. Complete clearance will take at least 2 – 3 days. The drug cannot be prescribed in large (loading) dosage to people, who had cancer (cancer treatment). Appointment in large dosage for oncology patients is not possible due to a very weak immune system.

At candidiasis diagnosis, such patients are prescribed very pre-dosed, not acute drug administration under doctor’s supervision. The doctor monitors yeast fungi suppression process by tests that are carried out a certain time after taking the next dose. The treatment regimen is built in such a way as to continue minimal dosage intake till patient’s full recovery.

Diflucan for Candidiasis Treatment

DiflucanDiflucan, as we have already mentioned, has a wide spectrum in the treatment of yeast-like Candida fungi. It is also used on skin and mucous membranes and in female genital organs, as well as at men by applying on Balanus and pills ingestion.

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The dosage for each individual case can be determined only by a doctor, but not a seller in a pharmacy where you buy the drug and not on the Internet on some forums.

At initial yeast infection stage usually, acute administration usually recommended. One capsule containing fluconazole substance calculated in 150 mg dosage. Loading dosage allows for several days to see treatment results. Disease symptoms rapidly disappear, and with it comes inevitable yeast-like fungi colony destruction.

Drug first use can cause a sharp decline in immune parameters, protective agents of the body, then you can not apply loading dosage scheme and prolong drug therapy for a period of 3-4 months. Your doctor is sure to describe reception scheme for effective and safe treatment. As a rule, the administration is appointed on the first day of each month by one capsule containing 50 mg, 100 mg of the drug.

Chronic yeast infection, candidiasis complications may be treated as follows:

  • Diflucan is administered from 90 days to 12 months. If there are no contraindications – 150 mg at once (daily dose).
  • Oral cavity affected by candidiasis is treated during at least one week. The patient applies capsules containing 50 / 100 mg once a day. Oral cavity, as well as any mucosa, is exposed to various influences from outside, and mouth is intended for food entering the body, so antiseptics will surely be appointed. Antiseptics are used for focal areas and gargling.
  • In case of weakened immune system treatment course can last longer, so that it’s not possible to stop yeast infection cells destruction process during a short period of time. Interrupting prolonged treatment course is not allowed, even if you see improvement after 5 days of treatment. Relapses in people who underwent oncological diseases, HIV infection is not excluded due to a weak immune system. The drug is applied in a prophylactic dosage of 150 mg of fluconazole 1 capsule once a week.
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Diflucan and Pregnancy

Pregnant women, especially at early stages are not recommended to apply the drug. In the case of a direct threat to mother and fetus life at neglected, chronic and acute forms of yeast infection, Diflucan can be prescribed. For children, the drug is prescribed at the age of 3 years. Reception and dosage regimen is determined individually, depending on child’s immune function and health.

3 mg per 1 kg of child’s body weight during a few months. In severe cases, it can be assigned in a doubled dose – 6 mg per 1 kg of child’s body weight.

We just want to present this drug to you and show it effective properties in treatment, as well as methods of its use and at what forms (types) of disease it can be used with the best indicator of fast recovery. Be healthy, do not get sick and visit your doctor in proper time!

How to protect yourself from buying fake Diflucan?

Buy only licensed drug in pharmacies, avoid shopping elsewhere. Fake drugs are dangerous for your health, with the possible fatal outcome. Do not engage in self-medication, it is necessary to consult a doctor and get his prescription for the drug. Hepatic insufficiency and drug reception in most cases can result in death.