Generic Levitra

Generic LevitraGeneric Levitra (Vardenafil) is an exact copy of the original drug, used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The drug is identical to the original tablets in all characteristics and composition, but generic cost is more affordable. The long practice of using generic products proved its high efficiency, fully corresponding to the branded drug.

Levitra has gained considerable popularity among men all around the world as a powerful and safe drug with consistent results. The active ingredient Vardenafil is successfully coping with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. The generic drug has become the best solution of intimate issues!

The Main Components of Generic Levitra from Canada

The active substance in this drug formulation is Vardenafil, which contained in the amount of 20 mg in each tablet. With the help of auxiliary components, the manufacturer enhances the action of the active substance and minimizes the risk of side effects. Its tablets are packed in sterile blisters for customers’ convenience.

Mechanism of Action

In twenty minutes after the drug administration, the corpus cavernosum of smooth muscle relaxes, improving blood flow to the genitals. This creates ideal conditions for the natural prolonged erection necessary for a full sexual intercourse.


  • attention!Before you buy vardenafil, you should make sure that the components of the drug will not cause allergic reactions. The ED drug is strictly contraindicated if a man is taking nitrates, HIV protease inhibitors, and nitric oxide donators;
  • Do not take the drug in the presence of sickle-cell anemia, multiple myeloma, leukemia, severe hepatic impairment, hypotension, Peyronie’s disease, aortic stenosis, degenerative retinal diseases, peptic ulcer disease;
  • The drug is contradicted to women, as well as to men who are prone to bleeding and to men during the recovery period (six months) after a heart attack/stroke.

Side Effects

Before you buy generic Levitra (Vardenafil), carefully read the list of potential adverse reactions. In most cases, the drug does not cause side effects, but in rare cases can cause:

  • rhinitis;
  • headache;
  • indigestion;
  • facial flushing;
  • dizziness;
  • edema;
  • nausea;
  • somnolence;
  • hypertension;
  • increased muscle tone;
  • nasal bleeding, syncope.

The mechanism of action

The drug should be taken 20 minutes before the expected sexual intimacy in a dosage which does not exceed Levitra 20 mg per day.

After sixty-five years of age, experts recommend taking generic Levitra 5 mg, while the normal dose makes 10 mg.

The drug action lasts up to 8 hours, regardless of alcohol and fatty foods. At the same time, the erection does not occur if a man is not excited or there is no appropriate sexual stimulation.

Price – its Main Advantage

cheap Levitra

The brand version has one drawback – its cost. Thus, Levitra price is high enough, however, as the rest original products in this drug category. So, not everyone can buy an original version.

That’s why My Canadian Pharmacy offers a more affordable medication – a drug which in its composition and pharmacological action is the same as the original drug. The difference is the name and the price of the medicine. Thus, a price is 3 or 4 times lower than the price of brand Levitra. Our pharmacy is the best place to buy Levitra online.

Thus, this is a drug which does not differ from the original drug in the structure and pharmacological properties. It is clear that the right to a patent belongs to the original manufacturers of the drug, and as long as the patent is actual, other pharmaceutical companies are not allowed to produce analogs of the same name.

Why is generic Levitra so cheap? The thing is that the price of the original drug includes the cost of development, research, patent, advertising. The price of generics includes only the cost of production of the drug.