Can Heart Diseases Provoke Erectile Dysfunction?

Men, who suffer from heart diseases, are ignorant about the fact that this is one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction. Men suffering from erectile dysfunction are unable to achieve or maintain erections firm enough for their sexual routine. But the fact that heart diseases and erectile dysfunction are closely associated is not known to many men. Sexual problems can foretell cardiac problems and vice versa.

The hidden truth

Any problem with the heart or the cardiovascular system has a very high potential to affect the reproductive system of men. The reason is very simple. The penis, like heart, is a vascular organ but with arteries having a smaller diameter. The penis is able to achieve erections when there is an unobstructed blood flow into the penile tissues under signals from the brain. The erection is maintained if the venous return is obstructed by the signals from the brain. Generally, after ejaculation, the venous return is enabled and penile tissues go limp.

If a man suffers from cardiovascular problems, then the blood flow to the penile tissues will be obstructed. Under this condition, the penis may not be able to achieve or maintain erections. Then the person may be said to be suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Heart diseases

Who comes under a high-risk zone?

Nearly all men who suffer from either of the following come under a high-risk category:

  • People who have ischemic heart disease in which arteries are narrowed down by cholesterol deposits and the deposits harden with time. The blood flow to a particular body part reduces. If this body part happens to be the penis, then erectile dysfunction is unavoidable.
  • People who have atherosclerosis in which an artery wall thickens due to the invasion and the subsequent accumulation of white blood cells having high cholesterol and triglyceride content in the muscle cell creating a fibrous and fatty plaque. This is promoted by a high concentration of low-density lipoproteins or LDL.
  • Men with high blood calcium which tends to deposit in the arterial walls. The coronary calcification can also lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Men suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure.
  • Men suffering from obesity.

Along with all mentioned above, men who suffer from stress also come under high risk zone. Men who smoke or drink alcohol have also been placed under high risk category.

Some may think erectile dysfunction or some cardiac disease is a part of growing old. But this notion is far from the truth. If someone suffers from heart problems, then it should be treated as the proverbial “canary in a coal mine”, or to say early warning sign for erectile dysfunction. If erectile dysfunction sets in, the added physical, social, mental, and sexual stress can aggravate the cardiovascular problem. It is then that the person unknowingly enters the vicious circle of conditions that aggravate each other which inevitably proves fatal.

Erectile dysfunction

What can be done?

As soon as you experience or you are diagnosed with some cardiovascular problem, you should take following corrective and preventive measures as well:

  1. Take medications to lower cholesterol and control blood sugar regularly. This, of course, should be done after due consultation with a qualified medical practitioner. The doctor should be consulted on a regular basis for deciding the future course of medications.
  2. Start doing exercises which involve deep breathing and some physical exercises like walking or jogging in the open air. This helps lowering down the risks of rising cholesterol.
  3. Cut down on foods that have high carbohydrate and/or high-fat content. And replace such foods with foods which are high in dietary fibers.
  4. Manage your weight. The obese people are very likely to contract cardiovascular problems much earlier than the others and hence suffer from erectile dysfunction.
  5. Smoking and drinking alcohol should be immediately given up. Though it may be difficult for you as old habits die hard but this will definitely buy you more time before your cardiovascular problem aggravates to a level that it may cause erectile dysfunction.

As the last word, do not ignore the early warning signs that your body is trying to convey. Give an ear to it and you can save yourself from a long-term stress.