What is Cold Allergy?

Cold allergyCold allergy is a reaction of the organism for some triggers. In case of cold allergy, the irritator is not considered to be any substance but notion – cold. At its influence on the organism there is a natural reaction in the form of considerable histamine emission that already, in turn, causes manifestations, similar to other allergic reactions namely:

  • skin reddening;
  • itch;
  • peeling;
  • hypostasis;
  • headache and fever.

The essence of the cold allergy lies in cells’ reaction which is settling down at skin surface known as mastocyte. Being affected by cold as an irritant, mastocytes throw out a large histamine number, as is shown in the form of allergic reaction.

At people, sensitive to temperature drops, these cells at the time of influence of cold start being developed in large numbers. But what is the reason for such incorrect reaction? The answer is trivial, in immunity exhaustion. If the healthy organism is able “to deal” with the influence of cold without unpleasant reactions, walk on frost with a high share of probability can cause in the weakened person here such unpleasant reaction in the form of allergy. So often, cold allergy is a symptom that the organism is subject to some other disease which existence we can not even guess. And it is natural, treatment of cold allergy if it is not the only removal of unpleasant symptoms, has to begin with the prime cause elimination. Treatment is possible to be conducted with My Canadian Pharmacy.

In norm, all people notice an absolutely uncomfortable reaction at the return from the cold street to the warm room. The most widespread phenomenon is skin reddening of areas opened on the street – faces or hands. Everything logically is a consequence of blood rush to the vessels which contracted on frost, and then extended in heat. But much of the negative of consequence pass in 30-40 minutes. And here symptoms of an allergy to cold not only are shown more active but don’t disappear so quickly.

The prime cause of cold allergy means to eliminate the natural influence of frost and wind but it is not up to us. Logically it is necessary to reduce the time being outside in cold weather. But completely to isolate yourself for a long winter it won’t solve the problem, therefore, it is necessary to follow some rules which will help if not completely to prevent unpleasant reaction then to weaken its intensity.