8 Myths and Reality about Allergy and Bronchial Asthma

Myth #1: atopic and any other bronchial asthma are incurable.
Reality: this statement has a ring of truth. Asthma is impossible to cure for good, but today it’s possible to reduce or completely get rid of asthma exacerbation, modern medications can help effectively control the disease.

It’s very important for the patient to believe in good results of treatment because stress, distrust for doctors and lack of hope for recovery can play a cruel joke, and the disease can become more severe. With adequate treatment of atopic asthma, its manifestations can be unnoticeable, a patient can live a full life, being diagnosed only on paper.

Myth #2: bronchial asthma – a picture that reflects a bad heredity.
Reality: this disorder is considered to be genetically determined disease, but not an allergy or bronchial asthma is hereditary, but the only predisposition to disease development. The possibility of asthma development if one of the child’s parents has the disease is 30%, if both mother and father are sick, the child will be asthmatic in 75% of cases.

Myth #3: children sometimes can “grow out” of the allergy and asthma.
Reality: A very large number of children do “grow out” of asthma. Children recover because of hormonal changes which occur during puberty, which positively affect the immune system and eliminate the basis for allergic asthma.
asthma inhalersMyth #4: glucocorticoids taken during asthma exacerbation are harmful to health.
Reality: previously used systemic glucocorticoids in pills negatively affected patient’s organism. Today systemic glucocorticoids are used rarely and only in severe forms of the disease when other means of treatment can’t help. Modern hormones are inhalers which affect directly bronchi. My Canadian Pharmacy offers a wide range of such inhalers online:

  • Ventolin;
  • Proventil;
  • Flovent;
  • Advair Diskus.

They practically don’t enter general circulation and have no influence on the body as a whole, but these drugs are very useful in any form of asthma exacerbation, and the importance of their application leaves no doubts.

Myth #5: about the use of traditional remedies in the treatment of bronchial asthma.
Reality: The traditional methods of atopic asthma treatment are not only useless but can provoke severe exacerbation. Allergy, bronchial asthma must not be treated without doctors’ consultation. Herbs, biologically active substances of animal origin often contribute to the further disease progression.

Myth #6: traditional remedies for bronchial asthma treatment — means to keep to the special diet.
In reality: diet therapy has always been a traditional way to prevent asthma exacerbation. Exclusion of highly allergic products and recognized allergens helps to reduce allergic “alertness” of the organism, exacerbations number, their severity and, accordingly, reduce medicine dosage.

Myth #7: bronchial asthma may be caused by diathesis.
In reality: Atopic asthma is a severe allergic disease and it may indeed precede other allergy manifestations. First, a patient can get urticaria or allergic rhinitis after a contact with an allergen, then bronchial asthma. Traditional remedies, various herbal infusion, inhalation provokes bronchus.

Myth #8: panting and bronchial asthma are caused only by allergens.
In reality: panting caused by bronchial asthma can be provoked not only by allergens but also by inhaling dust, hot or cold air containing chemical impurities. Sometimes physical activity or psychological stress can cause exacerbation, and in case of hypersensitivity of bronchi, any aggressive influence could negatively affect the course of the disease.