What is Ventolin Inhaler?

Ventolin inhaler is beta 2- selective adrenoreceptor agonists. In therapeutic doses, Ventolin inhaler performs on beta 2-adrenergic receptors of bronchial smooth muscles, providing little or no effect on beta1-adrenergic myocardium receptors.

The drug has a pronounced bronchodilator effect for:

  • preventing or arresting bronchospasm and asthma attack;
  • reducing resistance in the airways;
  • increasing vital capacity (VC);
  • increasing mucociliary clearance (in chronic bronchitis to 36%);
  • stimulating mucous secretion;
  • activating ciliated epithelium function.

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At a recommended daily dose, this inhaler has no adverse effect on cardiovascular system, it does not cause blood pressure increase.

To a lesser extent, as compared with drugs of this group, it has a positive chronic and inotropic effects. Ventolin inhaler causes coronary arteries extension.A number of metabolic effects is:

  • reducing a concentration of potassium in plasma;
  • affecting glycogenolysis and insulin release;
  • having hyperglycemic (especially in patients with bronchial asthma) and lipolytic effect;
  • increasing acidosis risk.

After inhaled forms application, its effect develops rapidly, beginning – after 5 minutes, maximum – after 30-90 minutes (75% of the maximum effect is achieved within 5 minutes), the effect duration – 4-6 hours.

What is Ventolin - Infographic

Pharmaceutical Forms and Package

Ventolin obtains the following pharmaceutical form – metered aerosol for inhalation which contains a drug for 240 doses. Ventolin online can be purchased in the form of an aluminum inhaler with a metering plastic device. A protective cap is made of the same material. The aerosol is packaged in a pack made of cardboard. The inhaler is comprised of a white suspension.

The active substance is drug suspension required an amount of micronized albuterol sulfate, a propellant that completed, which is contained in a single dose – 75 mg, and in a single inhaler to eighteen grams.

Term and Storage Conditions

The shelf-life is 2 years, in case if it is not influenced by UV light and freezing. Acceptable storage temperature should not exceed thirty degrees. Keep out of reach of children.


As a bronchodilator drug – beta 2-agonists, Ventolin has a bronchodilatory effect on bronchial smooth muscles. Adrenergic receptors on myocardium have practically no effect or it is absolutely insignificant. By means of its action, Ventolin inhaler relieves and prevents bronchospasm, decreases airway resistance and increases lung capacity.

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When chronic bronchitis and asthma, Ventolin increases mucociliary clearance up to 36 percent. Its action is achieved due to stimulation of mucus secretion and activation of ciliated epithelium function.

Ventolin application at recommended doses does not adversely affect either cardiovascular system or blood pressure rate.

With its use expansion of coronary arteries and increase severity of metabolic effects may occur:

  • decrease in blood potassium concentration of plasma;
  • influence on insulin production and glycogenolysis;
  • hyperglycemia;
  • providing lipolytic effect;
  • increase in acid-balance.


After Ventolin inhalation, no more than 20% of dose reaches lower respiratory tract. Remaining drug may stay in an oral cavity, hitting throat and then gastrointestinal tract. That drug portion that came to a destination, is absorbed into blood and lung tissue but is not subjected to metabolism.

That part that penetrates digestive system during absorption immediately becomes subject to intensive metabolic processes in the liver to form inactive phenol sulfate. Ventolin binds to plasma by 10 percent.

Implementing intravenous salbutamol application, its half-life lasts from 4 to 6 hours. Ventolin withdrawal takes place by means of kidneys in urine partially in the form of phenol sulfate. The main component – Salbutamol – is slightly excreted with feces. The main part of active Ventolin substance introduced into the body in any way will be excreted not earlier than in three days.

Indications for Use

Ventolin inhaler is indicated for those patients who suffer from asthma in the following cases:

  • if necessary, expressed relief of asthma attacks, especially in the period of acute severe disease nature;
  • prevent bronchospasm attack that caused by exposure to allergens or high physical activity;
  • if necessary, use as one of the constituent drugs in long-term maintenance therapy of complex nature.
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This drug can be administered as an aerosol for use in chronic obstructive pulmonary tract obstruction accompanied by reversible airway, as well as chronic bronchitis.

Ventolin is universal short-acting inhaler for asthma attacks treatment as well as asthma prevention. You may buy Ventolin inhaler via My Canadian Pharmacy: mycanadianpharmacystore.com at attractively low price moreover you may get bonuses and discounts available at our online pharmacy.Is Ventolin A SteroiD_

Is Ventolin a Steroid?

Ventolin is not a steroid as it is but the researchers from the University of Pittsburgh defines the correlation between Ventolin inhaler and steroids. It is a known fact that there are medications based on steroids applied in bronchial asthma treatment. Ventolin is a drug from the category of fast asthma relievers but Ventolin may be applied in combination with steroid asthma treatment inhalers. As a result of such an interrelation, unbridled side effects may appear.

Your doctor prescribing you the treatment therapy should be attentive when working out it. If you are not sure whether Ventolin is combinable with steroids, it is better to check this information twice. You may have organized one more consultation with another specialist-pulmonologist for getting the best result.

Is Ventolin Inhaler Addictive?

Ventolin inhaler is not addictive. If you suffer from bronchial asthma you should realize that you cannot even live without Ventolin or any other inhaler you apply. But the clinical trials reveal that Ventolin inhaler, as a very rare side effect, may provoke addiction. Such a side effect is a rare occasion but specialists point out that people may get used to Ventolin application even when they do not feel any asthma symptoms: coughing, wheezing or shortness of breathing.

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Professor Connie Katelaris explains what it means to be addicted to Ventolin if you suffer from asthma. Watching the video you will understand that people cannot be addicted to Ventolin as an accepted notion:

What is the Connection Between Ventolin Inhaler and Sports Competitions?

If a sportsman applies Ventolin inhaler before participating in sports competitions this asthma drug is able to expand your airways. It, in turn, may assist to prevent an asthma attack or even difficulty breathing. The result of using Ventolin by sportsmen will be dependent on several aspects:

  • cold weather;
  • dust in the air;
  • air pollution.

There appear situations when sportsmen were claimed they are asthmatic patients. To overcome this health problem they use Ventolin or some other bronchodilators which expand airways preventing asthma attack development.

Is It a Kind of Sports Doping?

Ventolin is a possible sports doping. Ventolin inhaler possesses a possible property to become utilized by sportsmen as a doping to enhance an oxygen uptake. It is not excluded that such experiments may be dangerous to their health if such a therapy has not been admitted by a licensed professional. A sportsman should understand whether the health risk doesn’t weigh the importance to become a champion.

WADA includes β-2 agonists in the list of prohibited substances for sportsmen. It implies any sportsmen suffering asthma should not apply medications included in this group: Salbutamol, Clenbuterol, Arformoterol, Formoterol, Indacaterol and etc. If you are a sportsman you should play fair, your success with a doping is not your success. It is a success of your medication.

Look at the video how to play sports if you suffer from asthma: