Bronchial Asthma Preventive Measures

bronchial asthma preventive measuresMy Canadian Pharmacy gives us the complete description of preventive measures of bronchial asthma. They will be very significant if you want to protect yourself from asthma attacks. Let’s enumerate the main methods to conduct preventive measures. They are the following:

  1. Healthy nutrition and healthy lifestyle of the woman during pregnancy:
  • refusal of smoking and alcohol;
  • restriction of reception of medications;
  • walks in the fresh air.

If the future mother has multiple allergies (for example, on foodstuff, medicines), during pregnancy, it is necessary to avoid contacts with any allergens (both known, and potential: for example, citrus, chocolate, milk, nuts, hair of animals, house dust, pollen of plants). Restriction of allergenic products in a diet: chocolate, citrus, nuts, etc.

2. Hypoallergenic life: restriction of the presence of allergens in the house:

  • use of pillows with a synthetic filler;
  • an exception of the house objects on which dust accumulates (carpets, woolen, nap fabrics, down pillows, effigies of animals);
  • restriction of cosmetics use (for example, hulks, lipsticks, shadows);
  • use of hygienic means (soap, shampoo, etc.) without cosmetic fragrances (without the addition of fragrances);
  • the closing of all bookshelves with glass doors (dust accumulates on books);
  • not to get pets (for example: cats, dogs, hamsters, small fishes);
  • daily damp cleaning in rooms (it is desirable in a damp gauze bandage);
  • to change bed linen once a week. To dry on a frost, in the summer – on the sun in the winter;
  • during the blossoming of plants in dry windy weather to limit an exit to the street as at this particular time concentration of dust in air is highest;
    to limit trips on nature;
  • during the blossoming of plants after walks to change clothes, take a shower, to rinse a throat.

3. Adequate physical activity (it is directed on the training of respiratory muscles):

  • walking in a moderate rhythm;
  • swimming;
  • respiratory gymnastics (by various techniques: inflation of balls, blowing of air through a straw).

It is very important to carry Constantly with yourself a preparation for attack removal of bronchial asthma.

4. It is impossible to self-medicate both bronchial asthma and other associated diseases as medicines can provoke allergic reaction (especially antibiotics), some preparations which are applied to decrease in an elevated pressure can provoke a spasm of bronchial tube and cause an asthma attack. Arrest your asthma attacks with My Canadian Pharmacy remedies.

5. Continuous reception of the preparations is appointed by the doctor. Bronchial asthma is characterized by the chronic inflammatory process, therefore, it is impossible to be limited only to preparations for expansion of bronchial tube (except for the easy course of bronchial asthma), continuous use of resolvents is necessary.

6. The correct use of inhalers. Often absence of effect from the appointed preparations is connected with the wrong technology of inhalation. You ask your doctor to explain to you how it is correct to use the appointed inhaler. The preparation has to come strictly to bronchial tree, otherwise, the effect of therapy considerably decreases up to total absence. Find the necessary inhaler

7. Self-checking of disease by means of Peak Flow Meter (the device allowing the patient in-house conditions to control condition of external breath function). After a deep breath, it is necessary to exhale with a force in a special tube of the device, exhalation speed (PEF – peak expiratory flow) pays off automatically. In norm, the dispersion between morning and evening indicators of PEF shouldn’t exceed 20%. It is recommended to keep diaries of peakflowmetry.