Heart Contraction Violation

heart contractionImpulses for heartbeat are created by the sinoatrial node when there are any pathological centers, the frequency of heart contraction gets off.

Arrhythmia can proceed without special harm to an organism, giving only some inconvenience, but sometimes this disease happens dangerous. Such kind of arrhythmia as premature ventricular contraction meets 60-70% of people. It can be shown differently: in the form of tachycardia, vibration in breasts or feelings of the “turning-over” heart. Some people say that they also feel a sinking heart, respiratory standstill or interruptions in heartbeat.

One of the most widespread forms of disease among adults vibrating arrhythmia is considered. In that case, heart rate is changeable and considerably alters. My Canadian Pharmacy explains that it is very important to maintain your health on the level not to lead to severe ramifications.

There are also such types of arrhythmia owing to which there is a risk of heart failure and stroke development. Therefore exact disease diagnosis is of very great importance. Competently to define deviation type and only the doctor therefore at detection of characteristic symptoms such as uneven heartbeat, the speeded-up pulse or discomfort in the thorax. It is necessary without postponing to go for inspection can appoint treatment. And at first independently to distinguish symptoms of illness, it is necessary to be able to define the pulse. It is simplest to prove it on a forward surface of the forearm between spoke bone and wrist flexor tendon (if it isn’t possible to make it, it can be investigated on any other artery — temporal, sleepy, femoral, elbow). For this purpose on area index, average and anonymous fingers are imposed so that the index was at the thumb basis, and it was possible to press rather strongly on an artery and to press it to an internal surface of spoke bone. The hand on which probe pulse, has to be in the convenient situation and muscles shouldn’t be strained. In norm it has to be regular and equal, however, heart rate at everyone is individual.

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If you notice that pulse is changeable or speeded up, but thus other symptoms are not present it is possible to wait some time until the attack stops independently before addressing to the doctor. In a case when symptoms don’t pass or violation of heartbeat is followed by thorax pain, loss of consciousness, dizziness and heavier symptoms, it is necessary to begin an immediate treatment.

For a definition of arrhythmia type and the reasons which provoked it the expert appoints removal of the electrocardiogram. The most exact data can be obtained if it is possible to make electrocardiogram during an arrhythmia attack. After electrocardiogram screening finishing the doctor can appoint daily inspection at which the patient carries with himself the small device which is writing down each heart contraction. It is also important to reveal features of heart structure regarding an ischemic disease, pathology of heart valves or changes in cardiac muscle. And after receiving results of diagnostics necessary treatment can be appointed.