Ventolin for Exercise-Induced Asthma

Ventolin may be applied at exercise-induced asthma. This is a universal remedy to prevent attacks during physical loading. Before applying Ventolin we want to introduce to you main information concerning exercise-induced asthma.

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General Information

In some patients, such as bronchial asthma are formed only after loading of physical nature. The frequency and severity of asthma symptoms provoked by physical loading are directly dependent on load characteristics.

For example:

  • in 75% of cases, bronchial spasms and wheezing are formed when you try to run fast;
  • at least – at walking and bike riding;
  • swimming does not usually trigger bronchial asthma.

If you are afraid of an attack during physical loading, try to have Ventolin inhaler within reach.

Suffocation condition disappears at rest, at least condition persists for longer than 60 minutes or is forced after physical loading. Repeated efforts to physical plane in less than 120 minutes later are less severe than previous ones.Exercise-Induced Asthma

Probable Cause of  Exercise-Induced Asthma

The main reason for forming bronchial pathology is an excessive physical effort. However, it provokes attacks of wheezing and this, forcing respiratory tract cooling, is caused by lung area hyperventilation. Therefore much less asthmatic phenomenon is generated when walking or traveling by bike.

It should be noted that tendency to disease occurrence is significantly higher in women than in men. It happens due to the specific structure of lung parenchyma.

Scientists have also proved that certain role in asthma origin is given to inflammatory mediators. But the mechanism of spasm formation under influence of cold air is not identified. Consequently, bronchial pathology is considered not fully understood. But Ventolin (salbutamol) may help you get rid off an exercise-induced asthma attack.

Exercise-Induced Asthma Symptoms

5-10 minutes after the beginning of sports activities there may appear:

  • the feeling of tightness in sternum area;
  • accelerated heartbeat;
  • cough impulses;
  • attacks of breathlessness;
  • wheezing.

Given symptoms disappear after 30-60 minutes and can sometimes appear not at the beginning of training, but closer to completion.

Man feels that he has lost physical form, because he starts to constantly train. It only boosts formation and aggravation of asthmatic disease. In view of the situation, pulmonologists prescribe metered loads + Ventolin for a full recovery. A person should start with the most simple exercises, gradually speeding up pace and load.

Treatment Methods

Reconstructive process:

  • aimed at preventive measures against attacks that facilitate wheezing, reduce blood pressure and other symptoms as a result of which body’s activity slows down considerably;
  • required identification characteristics and degree of load length resulting in bronchial spasm.
  • It is necessary to select correct load, which is optimally tolerated by a patient who should have generic Ventolin near by to arrest asthma attack. Pulmonologists insist that periods of intense exercise were of short duration, between sick person must necessarily have a good relax.

There are cases when improvement does not occur – in this case, during physical loads bronchodilators (Ventolin, Proventil, Flovent, Serevent) should be used. Pulmonologists insist on the use of beta 2-agonists as a metered-dose aerosol components. To use them you need 15-20 minutes before work-out- so that bronchial pathology would be minimal. This is the most effective method of such phenomena treatment as exercise-induced asthma.

By assigning drugs to athletes who participate in competitions, you must take into account that many organizational committees do not allow the use of a component such as a catecholamine. It is part of medication such as Isoprenaline or Isoetharine. In such situations, such medications may be used as salbutamol and terbutaline. They are adrenoceptor agonist and not referred to prohibited catecholamines, and therefore their use is permissible in order to reduce wheezing and optimize a respiratory process.

Additional Information

In certain situations, Ventolin is effective. It is used, on average, 30 minutes prior to physical activity as a dosage aerosol. Also, this medication may be used as a composition for inhalation powder.


  • Before using this medication, particularly for the first time, pulmonologists prescribe inhalation with adrenoceptor agonists components;
  • Ventolin is used when it is impossible to make other preparations for bronchial asthma restoration provoked by physical efforts and have forced wheezing.

Much less effective is Ipratropium bromide.

Bronchial pathology suggests the following algorithm for usage:

  • 1-2 inhalation aerosol;
  • permissible dose 15-30 minutes before physical load.

Patients who have difficulty when using an inhaler, as well as a supplementary measure to the specific drugs prescribed adrenoceptor agonists or theophylline. They are taken orally for 60-120 minutes prior to exercise.