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Ventolin (Asthalin)
Ventolin (Asthalin)
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Bronchospasm, Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, COPD
Generic names:
Albuterol, Salbutamol, Ventorlin, Asthalin, Proventil, ProAir, Salamol, Aerolin, ventolin expectorant
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  1. What is Ventolin?
  2. Generics of Ventolin
  3. Ventolin Dosage
  4. Ventolin Side Effects
  5. Ventolin Contraindications
  6. Ventolin Interactions with Other Drugs
  7. Ventolin Interaction with Alcohol
  8. Ventolin during Pregnancy
  9. Ventolin in case of Exercise-Induced Asthma

What is Ventolin?

Ventolin is medication for asthma attacks elimination and other reversible bronchial obstruction diseases. The main active ingredient of this drug is salbutamol.


The medicine affects beta 2-adrenergic receptors and thereby causes bronchiectasis in case of bronchospasm. The agent has insignificant influence on the beta1-adrenergic receptors.

Salbutamol prevents histamine other mediators (slow reacting substance) release from mast cells. 10-20% of the dose is absorbed into the blood flow, which enters liver and is converted into simple compounds which are excreted by kidneys. Rest of the dose enters digestive system, and also absorbed from the intestine into the blood.

Ventolin effect lasts 4 – 6 hours. See more interesting details about Ventolin inhaler

Generics of Ventolin

Ventolin generics names are diverse:

  • Albuterol;
  • Salbutamol;
  • Ventorlin;
  • Asthalin;
  • Proventil;
  • ProAir;
  • Salamol;
  • Aerolin;
  • Ventolin Expectorant.

All of these drugs have no different from original when comparing Brand vs Generic. There is the only slight difference in additional components. All these generics have undergone all clinical trials and met quality standards. More about Ventolin generics


Ventolin inhaler is prescribed for adults to eliminate asthma and bronchospasm attack in the dosage of 100-200 mcg once.

For prophylactic treatment, a daily dose – 200 mg 3-4 times; before exercise or contact with an allergen – 200 g 15 min before exposure to factor.

The recommended dose for children:

  • 1-2 mg for children aging 2 and 6 years old;
  • 2 mg for children aging 6 to 12 years;
  • 2-4 mg at the age of 12 years.
  • prevention dosage – 100-200 mg three times a day.
  • Do not use the drug more than 4 times a day.

For elderly, the dose is 2 mg three times a day. Ventolin for inhalation: For adults, the dose is 2.5 mg (up to 5 mg), nebulizer use – up to 4 times per day. For children dose of 2.5 mg, is applied up to 4 times a day.


Ventolin overdose symptoms:

  • peripheral vascular disease expansion;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • hallucinations;
  • irritability;
  • ventricular flutter;
  • tachycardia;
  • lowering blood pressure indicators;
  • acidosis;
  • muscle tremors;
  • hypokalemia;
  • hypoxemia;
  • a headache;
  • malaise;
  • successive hypoglycemia hyperglycemia.

Treatment involves the drug withdrawal, a patient is prescribed cardioselective β-blockers and symptomatic therapy.

If there is suspicion of salbutamol overdose, it is necessary to keep under constant control serum potassium concentration. Read more about Ventolin dosage and administration

Side Effects

Ventolin instructions for use contain the following side effects:

  • light hand tremor;
  • a headache;
  • excitement and hyperactivity in children;
  • vasodilation and heart rate increase;
  • heart rhythm disturbances;
  • paradoxical bronchospasm;
  • allergic reactions (hypotension, angioneurotic edema, bronchospasm).


Ventolin is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • hypersensitivity to the drug components;
  • pregnancy, which occurs with complications.
  • breast-feeding.

Apply the inhaler with caution during pregnancy and breastfeeding, because there is no data about its safety for infants. Read more Ventolin contraindications

Interactions with Other Drugs

When using Ventolin in combination with non-cardioselective β-blockers it is possible to achieve mutual inhibition of therapeutic effects. salbutamol combination with theophylline may increase arrhythmia and tachycardia risk (particularly supraventricular extrasystole).

In combination with diuretics, glucocorticosteroid drugs and xanthine derivatives increase hypokalemia risk. All the details about Ventolin interactions with other drugs

Ventolin with Alcohol

Ventolin and alcohol simultaneous consumption may provoke the following side effects:

  • adrenoceptive effects may be intensified due to the release of adrenaline from adrenal medulla;
  • increased urination, provoked by alcohol, can reduce the medicinal effect.

Ventolin during Pregnancy

This medication is prescribed during pregnancy and lactation only in cases when expected benefit of therapy to mother outweighs the potential risk to fetus or infant.

During post-marketing surveillance, rare cases of various congenital malformations in children, including the formation of “cleft palate” and limb malformations were revealed while taking salbutamol during pregnancy. In some of these cases, women are taking multiple concomitant medications during pregnancy. The causal relationship to drug intake has not been established.

Salbutamol may penetrate into breast milk. The finding, whether salbutamol has a harmful effect on the newborn when breastfeeding, is not established. More details about Ventolin during pregnancy

Ventolin for Exercise-Induced Asthma

In case of exercise-induced asthma, Ventolin inhaler can help relieve attack. Exercise-induced asthma occurs as consequence of body overloading during a physical workout. The use of this remedy is reasonable since this short-term medication has a direct effect asthma attack arrest. The sooner you apply the inhaler, the sooner you will feel better.

Read more about exercise-induced asthma to determine exactly what you need to prevent or overcome asthma attack during physical loading.

Ventolin Reviews

Jane, 25
5 5 1
I am sick with asthma, almost all the time I remember myself. It is appeared when I was 6 but I do not know for what reasons, and it does not matter. It is important that previous treatment plan almost did not help. I and my parents had to put up with thought that all my life I will be on drugs. But no, not quite all))) In the country it recedes, and there is no need for medication, but, of course, rhythm of modern life doesn't allow to be in the country so often, so that you should use drugs. Seizures appear after almost slight physical activity. It is enough to accelerate pace than usual and I feel like attack begins, it becomes hard to breathe. Ventolin always saves me in such difficult situations! Just one - two inhalations and everything disappears. Ventolin is always within reach in my bag, because I know what happens if you do not use Ventolin inhaler in time. I order Ventolin inhaler online via My Canadian Pharmacy. The fastest way and delivered fast. Moreover they offer bonuses and discounts, take a chance to place an order via this onlie service because Canadian Pharmacies are the most reliable and affordable.
Carina, 30
5 5 1
I became acquainted with asthma a year ago. Cough was just awful, asthma attacks appeared a little bit later, everything was burning inside. I addressed to pulmonologist - allergologist. My diagnosis was "bronchial asthma". I was appointed Ventolin inhaler. Cough disappears quickly, it becomes much easier to breathe. But after three months my condition worsened, obstruction became worse. Consequently, seizures worsen. And it turns out, Ventolin can not cope with strong attacks in my individual case. I started taking Symbicort. But I cannot say Ventolin is ineffective. It all depends on organism. Consult a doctor and buy necessary medications via My Canadian Pharmacy.
Christina, 32
4 5 1
I got acquainted with Ventolin inhaler for a long time. My son, when he was still a toddler, had been ill with bronchitis, as a result, now grown man suffers from summer allergic asthma. We have found long ago, attending hospital with the strongest asthma attacks. And it happened during hot summer. We are fortunate that highly skilled doctor explained to us the problem and learned to live with it. Now, during summer period, twice a day, son uses inhalation and feel wonderful. Especially Ventolin inhaler in demand if the weather is hot. The drug he uses, intentionally before loading, as a rule, and he's a sportsman who prefers to prevent asthma attack and live a normal life.
Sasha, 28
5 5 1
Recently, my baby fell ill with bronchitis, treating her at home, sometimes we could not cope with a cough that was almost suffocating. Especially when she suffered and went to sleep, cough did not want to stop, and child felt impossible to clear throat. Then I remembered that our neighbors with a similar cough even got to hospital, and decided to clarify how they have been treated. It turns out that you need to do inhalation, but it has to be recommended by physician. But talking with husband, I decided to try, and by purchasing Ventolin via My Canadian Pharmacy, we made an inhalation. Ventolin inhaler helped almost immediately. The child has calmed down, a daughter slept peacefully. They called on doctor's and explained everything in details, doctor assigned Ventolin. Once again my daughter doesn't suffer from asthma but Ventolin is effective for bronchitis as well, remember this and buy Ventolin via My Canadian Pharmacy online.
John, 46
4 5 1
Getting sick with in earnest, I called on doctor. Among various drugs, Ventolin inhaler has been assigned. I had already bought Ventolin for my son when he was ill with acute bronchitis. However, a dry cough, which is chasing me not for the first day, made me so exhausted that's why I accepted appointment with gratitude. And not in vain. When I established diagnosis of bronchitis inhaler it proved to be very helpful. In addition, it is easy to use and helps quickly, gently and effectively. I did not feel any taste, but maybe it's because I felt too bad. In short, Ventolin put me on my legs, and has become my salvation. Of course, complex treatment helped, but I felt it was a relief given by Ventolin inhalation.
Rebecca, 45
5 5 1
My Canadian Pharmacy is universal method to order Ventolin inhaler by those who suffer from asthma attacks. I make orders via Everything you need can be found there. I am suffering from asthma 5 years already and apply Ventolin as basical therapy. It is the most suitable exactly for me inhaler. I recommend you first of all to consult a healthcare specialist to determine exact inhaler and its dosage and then you may place an order via this "fascinating" site. Thanks My Canadian Pharmacy staff, I live and full life and feel vivid!)))