Medicare Will Not Cover ED Medications

Medicare provides coverage for a number of health conditions and medical procedures but erectile dysfunction does not seem to be one of them. However, ED is a fairly common problem among men. Nearly half of them are at risk or have already developed ED.

There are different ED medications available for treating the condition. However, as per a recent House vote, Medicare will no longer be covering the expenses of purchasing these medications from anywhere including My Canadian Pharmacy.

The House Vote

In the House of Representatives, a spending bill has been passed which will prevent people from using Medicare to cover their purchases of ED medications such as Viagra. The bill also contained details about the funding for other federal educational and health programs.

According to some of the supporters of the bill, the amendment was necessary. There were concerns that people were using ED medications for recreational purposes instead of actual medical necessity and using Medicare to pay for them. Therefore, the supporters want to stop the taxpayer’s money from being used for such purposes.

Those against the bill claimed that these medications formed a part of crucial erectile dysfunction treatments. After all, the loss of sexual function can be due to other major diseases such as nerve damage and diabetes. As a result, these medicines should be available to the patients when they are a medical necessity.

However, this argument was rebuffed by the supporters. They pointed out that federal funds should not be used for providing sexual enhancement drugs. At the same time, they mentioned that sex has never been a medical necessity. They believe that the money saved can be better used for other more important purposes.

PDE5 inhibitors

What Are the Common ED Medications Used?

As erectile dysfunction is a major problem, much research has been done on this medical condition. For that reason, there are a few medications available for treating it. Here are some of the more popular ones. You can get all of them from My Canadian Pharmacy.

  • Viagra;
  • Cialis;
  • Levitra.

These medicines are mainly supposed to be used for helping erectile dysfunction patients restore their sexual function. Since they help in sustaining erections, many normal men use these medicines recreationally to improve their sexual performance. However, research has not shown any benefits of these medicines in improving sexual performance in normal men.

How Do These Medications Work?

All of these ED medications tend to work in a similar manner. They belong to a group of chemicals known as PDE5 inhibitors. When introduced into the body, they end up affecting and increasing the production of nitric oxide. Due to the presence of nitric oxide, the blood vessels of the body start to expand.

The expansion of the blood vessels makes it easier for the blood to start flowing in them. Therefore, the blood flow to the different regions of the body, including the penile region, starts to improve. As the penis begins to get more blood, it is able to achieve and sustain an erection.

These medicines tend to be effective in the treatment of the majority of erectile dysfunction cases. There are other treatments available if these ED medicines do not work. On the other hand, these medicines also have a number of side effects that you should know about.


Side Effects

Side effects are possible when using these medicines. It is better if you keep yourself informed so that you can consult a doctor if they occur. The chances of side effects occurring are low, however.

  • abnormal vision;
  • back pain;
  • diarrhea;
  • dizziness;
  • flushing of the neck, face or chest;
  • headache;
  • indigestion;
  • muscular pain;
  • nausea;
  • nasal congestion;
  • rash;
  • upset stomach.

There are certain side effects that you should really watch out for while using these drugs. If these side effects do occur, you will have to get the help of medical professionals immediately.

  • loss of vision;
  • changes in vision;
  • ringing in ears;
  • loss of hearing;
  • lightheadedness;
  • shortness of breath;
  • swelling of the feet, ankles or hands.

It is important for the sake of your health that you consult a doctor before using any ED medications from My Canadian Pharmacy. This is all the more important if you are planning on using them recreationally. The doctor will determine if you are at a risk of suffering from dangerous side effects due to the use of these medications.