Exercise Induce Asthma

exercise – induced asthmaIn most of the patients with bronchial asthma and more than at 40% of patients with allergic rhinitis 10-15-minute physical activity causes a bronchospasm. It may be specified by an essential decrease in forced expiratory volume or FEV. Than bronchial asthma becomes heavier, especially the expressed bronchospasm is caused by physical activity. At part of patients’ bronchial asthma attacks develop only after physical activity.

What is Exercise-Induced Asthma?

Exercise-induced asthma is bronchial attacks caused by physical activity depend on the character of the loading. Most often the bronchospasm arises at the fast run, rarer – during the walking and driving a bicycle. Swimming usually doesn’t cause bronchospasm. The bronchospasm usually develops in 5-10 min. after loading and disappears at rest, less often it remains more than 1 hour or amplifies after physical activity. Repeated loading less than in 2 hours is usually transferred easier, than previous.

Apparently, the cooling of airways caused by hyperventilation is the reason of exercise-induced asthma. It is shown that a part in disease’s pathogenesis is played by inflammation mediators, however, the development mechanism of bronchospasm under the influence of cold air is still unknown.


Treatment is generally directed on prevention of attacks. It is necessary to define character and duration of the loading leading to bronchospasm appearance. Select such loading which is well transferred by the patient. Recommend that the periods of intensive physical activity were short, between them the patient surely has to have a rest. If improvement doesn’t come, before physical activity it is recommended to apply bronchodilators (Combivent, Atrovent and Serevent – for example). Appoint beta 2-adrenoceptor agonist in the form of the dosed aerosol in 15-20 min. prior to loading. It is the most effective way of treatment of exercise-induced asthma.

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Appointing preparations to the athletes participating in competitions it must be kept in mind that many organizing committees don’t allow application of catecholamines, for example, of an isoprenaline or an isoetarine while terbutaline and salbutamol – the adrenoceptor agonists which aren’t relating to catecholamines and are allowed for use.

Cromolyn is in certain cases effective in exercise-induced asthma. It is applied in 15-60 min. prior to physical activity in the form of the dosed aerosol (1600 m/kg) or powder to inhalations (20 mg). Before application of cromolyn, it is possible to appoint inhalation of adrenoceptor agonists. Cromolyn is applied at the intolerance of other preparations to the treatment of exercise-induced asthma.

Bromide ipratropium, 1-2 breaths of the dosed aerosol in 15-30 min. prior to physical activity is sometimes effective. The patient experiencing difficulties when using an inhaler and also in addition to inhalation preparations appoint adrenoceptor agonist or dimethylxanthine inside for 1-2 h before physical activity. My Canadian Pharmacy points out that it is very important to take under control your exercise-induced asthma not to lead to severe ramifications. If you face such a problem read this article and make an order of necessary preparations to overcome this disorder.

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