Advair Diskus During Pregnancy

Advair Diskus during pregnancy is a theme that worries many women. We will try to answer all your questions about this medicine and pregnancy of asthmatic women. Many pregnant women are trying to avoid the medication intake during pregnancy. And do it for reason. But you must treat asthma: the harm that brings severe uncontrolled disease and hypoxia (lack of oxygen supply to the fetus) is immeasurably greater than the possible Advair Diskus side effects. To aggravate asthma means to create a huge risk to the life of the woman. But the instructions for any medication contains contraindications, limitations or special conditions of their use during pregnancy. How to be in this case?

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First of all, the treatment of a pregnant woman should be prescribed and controlled by a physician. The close contact with a specialist is a necessary condition for successful asthma treatment and the only way to achieve the maximum positive effects with minimum risks. All medicines are applied basing on the principle: “only if the expected benefits of the drug outweigh the potential risk to the mother and fetus.” The most stringent requirements are imposed during the first trimester of pregnancy as this is the most vulnerable time of pregnancy.

In the treatment of asthma, preference is given to inhalation drugs of local action, as this the drug concentration in blood is minimal in this case and the local effect in the target area – in the bronchi – is maximum. It is recommended to use inhalers containing freons. Dosage powder inhalers should be used with caution to reduce the risk of Advair Diskus side effects. A prerequisite for successful treatment of asthma during pregnancy is the correct implementation of inhalation (inhalation technique). Women can get the necessary skills from the doctor-pulmonologist or from an instructor in the classroom of Asthma-school.
advair and pregnancy

It is confirmed that asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease (regardless of asthma severity). The permanent presence of this specific chronic inflammation in the bronchi is the cause of asthma symptoms. If you treat the symptoms only (eliminate a bronchospasm when needed) but do not fight their cause, the disease will progress. Therefore, asthma treatment consists of basic therapy (drugs to control the disease, such as Advair Diskus from My Canadian Pharmacy), aimed at the control of inflammation, and medications to relieve the symptoms and treat asthma exacerbation. The amount of the basic treatment determined by the doctor depending on the severity of asthma. The adequate basic therapy significantly reduces the risk of exacerbation and to minimizes the need for medications to relieve asthma symptoms. Read more about asthma management during pregnancy.

Asthma Treatment during Pregnancy with Advair Diskus

AdvairA pregnant woman should not tolerate asthma attacks and suffocation – lack of oxygen in the blood can damage the development of the future child. This means that Advair Diskus is needed to relieve symptoms and prevent asthma attacks.

  • This medicine from Canada is an inhaled beta2-agonist with a rapid onset of action. Women prefer selective drugs affecting the bronchi with minimal impact on the cardiovascular system. The worldwide “gold standard” generic inhalers are Salbutamol, Ventolin, Proventil, Advair Diskus;
  • The frequency of bronchodilators use is an important indicator of asthma control. With an increase in the need for their application, the patient should consult the pulmonologist and increase the planned (baseline) therapy to control the disease. Treatment with medications to relieve symptoms is permissible only in very mild asthma cases with rare and not severe symptoms with a few mild asthma exacerbation. These agents may just remove the symptoms but do not have anti-inflammatory activity and does not influence the disease control;
  • Never stop taking or reduce the dose of the medicine without a doctor’s permission. You can make any changes in asthma treatment only when the pregnancy is over;
  • Before you start taking this drug while pregnant or intending to become pregnant, you should consult a specialist.