New Clews about Erectile Dysfunction and Sleep Apnea

Men with obstructive sleep apnea and extreme level of depression, including poor quality of life have high chances of being attacked with erectile dysfunction. Generally, men with erectile dysfunction cannot have the erection that is required to enjoy the intimate pleasure with their partner. However, there are many drugs available in the My Canadian Pharmacy to control erection dysfunction, but these could not prevent this problem totally.

Many researchers have proven that men with sleep apnea are mostly prone to erectile dysfunction. This sleep apnea is nothing but, stopping the breathing many times in the sleep which eventually deprives the oxygen supply to the body parts during sleep. Also, people with sleep apnea are further prone to various diseases such as cardio attacks, high blood pressure, fatigue, depression, etc. Most importantly, these people cannot have satisfied sexual pleasure and in fact, this totally takes away the love life of the people by causing erectile dysfunction in men and libido loss in women.

Sleep apnea

The studies have proven that women with this problem have high rates of sexual dysfunction and men with sleep apnea are attacked with erection dysfunction. Though many doctors say that the sex hormones do not affect with sleep apnea, actually, the testosterone levels will go high when you sleep and these levels slip down due to lack of sleep. So, this directly means that the sleep apnea is the key cause for dropping down of sex hormone levels and thus resulting in sexual dysfunction. Ideally, sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction are the common problems faced by men over age and lifestyle changes. However, to understand the relationship between sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction, you need to know the causes of them.

  • Causes of sleep apnea: This is the problem caused due to the blockage of the airways partially and results in shallow breathing. This sleeping disorder can take a toll on your regular sleep. This problem occurs when you stop to breathe for a short time span during night times. Ideally, people prone to sleep apnea will snore during night times. This snoring will make people feel tired and thus be resulting in their unsatisfied sexual performance. The key causes of sleep apnea include plus-sized weight, chronic tonsils, malfunctioning of the brain electrical system, etc. Generally, when there is a disruption in the brain electrical system, then it fails to send the right signals to the muscle that actually control the breathing process. Ideally, there is not a proper treatment for getting rid of this problem, but taking proper diet can inhibit sleep apnea.
  • Causes of Erectile dysfunction: This is the common issue that is faced by men with 40+ years. The main cause of this problem is connected to the cardiovascular system. Men who are prone to cardiovascular diseases have high chances of being attacked with erectile dysfunction. The other causes of this problem include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity. Generally, by treating these problems, you can keep the sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction under control. There are many medications available on the market to treat this ED problem. Moreover, the other health conditions that contribute to erectile dysfunction include metabolism syndrome and Parkinson’s disease. However, you need to seek the assistance of a medical practitioner to get this ED problem treated and moreover, you need to take the doctor’s suggestion prior to involving in the sexual activity with this problem in order to ensure that you have a safe sex. Read more about causes of ED in the article “How Is Erectile Dysfunction Caused and My Canadian Pharmacy Treatments for It“.

Erectile dysfunction

Various Treatments to Inhibit Sleep Apnea

By taking proper treatment for sleep apnea not only boost your sleep, but also improve the quality of your life. Here are 2 treatment options available

  • CPAP device: This is the most effective treatment to inhibit this sleep disorder. This continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) mask has to be worn by men to have continued airflow during sleep. Though this may make you feel uncomfortable during the initial days, wearing this helps you to control this problem and thereby ED. Ideally, OSA is not a disease, but an acute health condition, that cannot be cured completely. You can find this device in My Canadian Pharmacy
  • Oral appliance therapy: This is the most powerful and comfortable treatment for a sleep disorder. This appliance found in My Canadian Pharmacy is akin to that of a mouth guard which has to be worn during sleep. This appliance will provide continuous airflow without narrowing the breathing tract, thus preventing the apnea.

The Link between Sleep Apnea and Erectile Dysfunction

Though, it is a bit tough to understand the relationship between sleep apnea and erectile dysfunction, since sleep apnea does not directly cause ED problem, but the conditions of sleep apnea result in ED. Due to sleep apnea, the body parts do not receive oxygen and this takes a toll on attaining the erection. Most importantly, men who lack sleep, do not produce high sex hormones, thus resulting in unsatisfactory sexual performance and poor cardiovascular health. In addition, lack of sleep is due to severe depression and anxiety; this also results in erectile dysfunction. Moreover, the lack of sleep and obstructive sleep apnea affects the lifestyle of a person. The people with this problem will feel tired, lethargic and fall sick soon.